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The Trauma Care Center of Peking University People’s Hospital founded

MAR . 20 2017
Peking University, Mar. 18, 2017: On the afternoon of March 15, 2017, the meeting celebrating the founding of the Trauma Care Center of Peking University People’s Hospital was held. Jiang Baoguo, president of Peking University People’s Hospital, Guo Jingzhu, deputy secretary of party committee, and other trauma-care experts attended this meeting.

the meeting

The agemdaof the meeting included annunciation, nomination, and unveiling the nameplate. First, Guo Jingzhu announced the foundation of the Trauma Care Center. Then, she nominated Jiang Baoguo as the Director of the Trauma Care Center, Wang Tianbing as the vice executive director and Wang Chuanlin and Zhu Fengxue as the vice directors. Finally, Jiang Baoguo and Zhao Yue unveiled the nameplate together.

Guo Jingzhu announcing the foundation of the center

unveiling the nameplate

In this meeting, Jiang Baoguo, Wang Tianbing, and Wang Chuanlin introduced the brief background, significance, and staff composition of this center.

Jiang Baoguo delivered a speech about the background and significance of this center. In recent years, the occurrence rate of trauma has been increasing amid the growing pace of modernization. More than 700,000 people die of trauma every year, and the severe situation urged the founding of the Trauma Care Center. Peking University People’s Hospital organized a group in charge of treating trauma, and this group has effectively reduced the death rate of trauma patients. Jiang said the cooperation between disciplines was important in diagnosing and curing trauma, so the hospital would build a platform to promote the cooperation and improve the hospital’s strength. He also emphasized that the Trauma Care Center had a strict standard for receiving patients according to ISS (injury severity score).

Jiang Baoguo delivering a speech

Wang Tianbing listed specific statistics to illustrate the achievements of this center. The reduction of trauma’s death rate shows the success of the center and the strength of a general hospital.

Wang Chuanlin used examples to introduce the procedure of treating trauma patients and the staff composition of the center.

The founding of the Trauma Care Center marks the improvement of trauma treatment in China and brings hope to more seriously injured patients.
Written by: Hu Rong
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU news (in Chinese)