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King Salman of Saudi Arabia visits Peking University

MAR . 17 2017

Peking University, March 17, 2016: On March 17, accompanied by the delegation of Saudi Arabia, King Salman of Saudi Arabia paid  an official visit to Peking University. During the visit, King Salman attended the inauguration ceremony of the branch library of King Abdul Aziz Public Library and received an honorary doctorateat PKU. Zhu Zhiwen, China’s Vice Minister of Education, Hao Ping, Chairman of the University Council , and Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, as well as delegates from both PKU and Saudi parties and representatives of other universities were also present at the ceremony.

Peking University Branch Library of King Abdul Aziz Public Library

The inauguration

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has been a witness and promoter of the friendship between Saudi Arabia and China. He had visited China twice and attaches great importance to developing Sino-Saudi relationship.

At 12:15, the branch library was inaugurated. Hao Ping and Faisal, Chief Inspector of the branch library, both gave speeches . Hao Ping said it is an indication of King Salman’s great attention to cultural exchanges to attend the inauguration ceremony himself, and this landmark event will keep alive the two countries’ friendly communications and the memory of PKU students and scholars in the histories of both countries. Then, Faisal pointed out the branch library signifies the achievement of King Salman’s several visits to China, and stands for his wish to improve world peace and bilateral friendship.

Hao Ping delivering his speech

Lin Jianhua conferring an honorary doctorate on King Salman

King Salman making his speech

Later, President Lin Jianhua conferred  an honorary doctorate on King Salman. King Salman said that Peking University is the center of cultural communications of China, and it will celebrate its 120th anniversary soon. He’s glad to receive the honorable doctorate and hopes the PKU branch library will contribute to the extension of bilateral cooperation as a cultural symbol.

Finally, student representatives from both countries exchanged souvenirs.

Students from both sides exchanging souvenirs

King Abdul Aziz Public Library has three branches all over the world, which are located in Riyadh, Casablanca and Peking University respectively. The construction of PKU branch library has been given much attention by leaders from both countries. As one of the most important bearers of human civilization, library is the quintessence of culture and represents the spiritual height of a nation. The branch library at Peking University will not only provide readers with abundant  Arabian literature and improve the Arabic teaching and Middle Eastern studies at PKU and other colleges, but also stand for a cultural bridge between Saudi Arabia and China, consolidating and deepening the two country’s intimacy. Meanwhile, this library will also serve as the Ancient Books Library of Peking University to offer scholars and students a better researching environment.

Peking University will continue to promote the cultural and educational exchanges between Saudi Arabia and China, explore more new areas and ways of collaboration, and make more outstanding contributions.

Reported by: Wang Xi
Edited by: Xu Liangdi, Zhang Jiang