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Peking University medical team wins the 2016 annual "Most Beautiful Doctor Team"

MAR . 15 2017

Peking University, March 13, 2017: On February 28, 2017, China Central Television "Looking for the Most Beautiful Doctor" announced its 2016 award list. Medical Aid Group for Tibet won the "Most Beautiful Doctor Team" title. There were 10 individual awards withMedical Aid Group for Tibet the only winning team.Li Hua, doctor of obstetrics and gynecology at Peking University Third Hospital, received the honor on stage as an excellent doctor representative aiding Tibet.

Ceremony scene

2016 "Looking For the Most Beautiful Doctor" is the second ceremony selecting candidates in the entire medical industry. The award originates from "Looking For the Most Beautiful Village Doctors".

The event visited typical figures in medical communities to disclose and promote their moving stories. The aim is to praise medical staff in different positions for their work to save the dying and devote with no regrets and also encourage them to pursue excellence and keep exploring.

Medical and health welfare in Tibet is relatively lagging behind other regions in China.Medical Aid Group for Tibetis an important part of a national policy promoting the health and well-being of Tibetans and the sustainable development of Tibet. In August 2015, Peking University Third Hospital actively responded to the call of the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Health and Family Planning Commission. The Third Hospital sent six experts to aid in Tibet for one year, together with other experts from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Peking University First Hospital, and Peking University People's Hospital.

Those experts with their specialties completed a large number of daily medical operations, successfully implemented many cases of difficult surgeries and made a number of technological breakthroughs. They not only carried out a wide range of help on medical care, management, scientific research and education of autonomous region hospitals, but also circulated health knowledge among local people. In July 2016, the second batch of seven aid experts from Peking University Third Hospital arrived in Lhasa, and is currently in the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital to continue to deepen medical assistance.

The first and second batches of aid experts from Third Hospital

Written by: Lu Linlin
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)