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"Region and Country’s Strategic Collaboration Forum” held at PKU

JAN . 25 2017
Peking University, Dec 20th: In the morning of December 3rd, “Regions and Country Strategic Collaboration Forum——the Belt and Road Initiatives Region and Country Studies Seminar” was held in the Peking University’s Gymnasium B101 Lecture Hall. Nearly 100 scholars and students attended the forum.
Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, delivered an opening speech. He pointed out the bourgeoning international influence of China and the close bond between China and the world. Under these circumstances, the study of regional and country affairs must be given great attention.

Lin Jianhua giving speeches
Yang Fuchang,former minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairsgave a report titled “A Brief Discussion on the achievements of B&R and Chinese policies.”He noted that the Belt and Road Initiatives is based on collaboration and is in accordance with the interests of developing countries.
Zhang Xingang, former president of City University of Hong Kong expounded on the origin of Oriental studies, as well as the past and presence of Regional Studies in his report “Orientalism, Regional Studies and B&R Research”. He maintained that the heated study of “B&R” is a great opportunity for PKU in the field of regional studies. To conduct further researches in this respect would be a wise choice for PKU.

Seminar scene
Wang Yizhou, executive deputy dean of School of International Studies presented a report “Some Little Thoughts on Regional Country Studies.” Despite the great progress in recent years, he pointed out that China’s studies in regional country still lacks an interdisciplinary approach.
Rong Xinjiang, Chairman of Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History presented “PKU Central Asian Studies: Retrospect and Outlook.” He introduced the history, contribution and collaboration of PKU Central Asian Studies and gave an outlook from different perspectives.
Hang Kan, dean of School of Archaeology and Museology presented “the Retrospect and Outlook of Foreign Archaeological Work.” He expressed his vision in the field of foreign archaeological worksurroundingcollaboration with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), cultural diplomacy, foreign aid system, etc.
Fu Zhiming, executive deputy dean of School of Foreign Languages presented “PKU and Middle East Studies.”He gave a profile of PKU Middle East Studies in the past 70 years, sharing his views on how to cultivate more excellent researchers.
In the afternoon, the forum proceeded at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Scholars respectively participated in three sub-fora: “The Belt and Road Initiatives Regional and Country Studies Seminar”, “Middle East Studies” and “Central Asian Studies.”
Written by: Wang Yuqing
Edited by: Xu Penghang