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Essential Science Indicators (ESI) latest data ranks 21 PKU disciplines in global top 1%

SEP . 28 2016
Peking University, Sep. 28, 2016: On September 23, 2016, Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators (ESI) updated its research disciplines rankings. According to the latest data, Peking University’s (PKU) multidisciplinary studies and microbiology are the latest additions to the global top 1% list. Among the total 22 disciplines that the ESI ranks, PKU already has 21 disciplines to enter the global top 1%, maintaining the status of having the most top 1% disciplines of all mainland universities (table 1).

Table 1: An overview of PKU’s ESI discipline rankings
In recent years, PKU’s research disciplines have been steadily developing, and have achieved remarkable gains. PKU is expected to become the first university in mainland China to have all 22 disciplines enter the global top 1%. The number of PKU’s research disciplines in the global top 1% increased from four in 2002 to twenty-one in 2016 (table 2).

Table 2: A historical overview of PKU’s disciplines to be ranked in the global top 1%
About ESI
With all the resources they need in one place, Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators can determine influential individuals, institutions, papers, publications, and countries in their fields of studies (disciplines) — as well as emerging research areas that could impact their work. This unique and comprehensive compilation of science performance statistics and science trends data is based on journal article publication counts and citation data from the Thomson Reuter Web of Science (SCIE/SSCI) database. The ESI is an analytical resource for policymakers, administrators, analysts, and information specialists in government agencies, universities, corporations, private laboratories, publishing companies, and foundations, as well as members of the scientific press and recruiters.
Written by: Wei Yuchen
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News