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Launching Ceremony of Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences held in PKU

SEP . 27 2016
Peking University, Sep. 25, 2016: On September 20, the launching ceremony of Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences was held in the Sunshine Hall, Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center, Peking University. Han Qide, vice-chairman of CPPCC and Xu Qingsen, deputy director of Department of Social Sciences, Ministry of Education attended the ceremony. Zhu Shanlu, chairman of PKU Council, Lin Jianhua, president of PKU and scholar representatives at home and abroad were presented.
At the ceremony, Zhu Shanlu and Deng Xiaonan, dean of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences jointly unveiled the plaque. Wu Zhipan, executive vice president of PKU, announced the lists of academic committee and working committee.


Deng Xiaonan gave a speech at the ceremony. She introduced the purpose of the institute, illustrated the duty of two committees and put forward the future goal of the Institute.
Han Qide emphasized the significance of the establishment of the Institute. In an era that regarding science and technology as the driving forces, humanities and social sciences are needed as “steering wheel” and “brakes” that could keep the direction and development pace.
Xu Qingsen pointed out that this Institute served as an important step during the development of human and social sciences not only in PKU, but also in the whole academic field. Strengthening fundamental subjects, enhancing institutional innovation and promoting international cooperation were three goals he mentioned.

Lin Jianhua expressed his thoughts on the importance of PKU’s humanities and social sciences. PKU should influence society by providing meaningful thinking, which was exactly the duty of this newly established Institute. He hoped that more young scholars could join this Institute.
Professors from other distinguished universities also expressed their felicitations and expectations. Professor Andrew Abbott from University of Chicago, lately visiting Peking University, stressed the importance of institutionalized construction of humanities and social sciences.
Background Info: Peking University Institute of Human and Social Sciences is an academic institution which bases on the fundamental subjects of humanities and social sciences and aims at promoting interdisciplinary research and international communication and cooperation. The research group mainly consists of distinguished professors of different department in PKU and visiting scholars at home and abroad.
Reported by: MENG Yiran
Edited by: Zhang Jiang