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The 34th World Congress of Art History held in Beijing

SEP . 23 2016
Peking University, Sep. 16, 2016: The 34th World Congress of Art Historyopened at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing on September 16th, leading the way of 21 substantial sessions in the next five days.
More than 290 lecturers from 43 countries and areas all over the worldcame here and discussed "Terms"——the theme of art and art history in diverse culture of this congress. All the sessions were undertaken by Peking University(PKU) and China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). The opening ceremony was host by Fan Di’an, the deputy director of Chinese organizing committee of the Congress and president of China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

The Congress Opening Ceremony
Hao Ping, vice minister of the Ministry of Education and president of 37th General Assembly of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, pointed out that the Congress committed to deliver the ideal of sharing, inclusiveness and communication which will assist people to retrospect the past, discover the historical law and build the blueprint for the future under the worldwide context of Internet era. Hao also said that the Ministry of Education of China will support academic communication and cooperation of art history in colleges and research institutes home and abroad in the future to promote the development in the field.

Hao Ping at speech
“As one of the organizers, Peking University always values art education and research since about 100 years ago,” said Zhu Shanlu, Chair of PKU Council. Zhu also pointed out that PKU had been in charge of editing China Contemporary Art Yearbook since 1986 as a synchronous recording. Besides, art and art history is always one of the hot topics at Beijing Forum, an annually academic forum hosted by PKU in November. Zhu regarded theCongress as the first vital event for the upcoming 120 PKU Anniversary in 2018.

Zhu Shanlu at speech
Professor Grossman, president of the International Committee of the History of Art(CIHA),appreciated the concept Termsof the congress. He took his major——history of architecture art——to analyze the communication and blend among diverse art and culture. He thought art and art history study has great significance to youth education, society development and human living environment improvement. He expected mutual learning and understanding under this theme.

Professor Grossman at speech
“The 34thWorld Congress of Art History is an unprecedented gathering of worldwide art history academy in China, offering a platform for mutual discussion and learning,” said Professor Shao Dazhen, the dean of Chinese arrangement committee of the congress.Shao thought the generality and difference is the most charming subject in art history study, since it involves sociology,philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, etc. and is an important channel for us to exchange and understand other cultures. China’s art history has its unique status in the world and Shao hopes this congress can help foreign scholars have a more in-depth understanding of it.

Professor Shao Dazhen at speech
The new president of CIHA, professor Zhu Qingsheng from Peking University, professorJohn ONIANS from University of East Anglia delivered their speeches respectively later.
Professor Fan Di’an then gave a theme introduction at the opening ceremony. He said the “Terms” of this congress emphasizes the charm of China’s art that grew in ancient Chinese civilization, the equal importance of tracing Chinese civilization and western civilization, and the new cultural concern of art history research. The themeechoes traditional Chinese ideal of harmony in diversityunder the global culture context, said Fan.

Professor Fan Di’an at speech
Representatives from Ministry of Education, Chinese Art Association, Peking University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing University of the Art, China National Museum and international scholars attended the ceremony together.

group photo of the guests
The Organizers of 2016 Congress are Committee International of the History of ArtCIHA, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Peking University. Co-organizers are The Palace Museum and Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts.
Background information:
The World Congress of Art History is an important global cultural event that held every four years since 1873. It maintained continuing relationships among the national committees, and oversaw the preservation of works of art along its history. Every congress was organized by International Committee of the History of Art and every host country together. China is the first non-western congress host country this year.
Find more details of 2016 congress in http://www.ciha2016.org(English)
Written by: Zehua Wang
Edited by: Zhang Jiang