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Peking University 2016 undergraduate commencement

JUL . 11 2016
Peking University, July 10, 2016: Peking University Gymnasium again witnessed the commencement day of the year. Class 2016 undergraduates, the school board, department officials, alumni representatives and scholarship donors attended the ceremony.

2016 undergraduate commencement
The retrospect video played on the big screen called back the old days and memories the undergraduates underwent in the past 4 years on campus: the orientation week, military training, the chorus match, club activities, sports meeting, poetry seminar, etc.
4 representative of the student and the faculty recited the poem “forever campus”, “in the midnight of the distant august, which I determined as the most sacred moment in my life, the destiny arranged me a choice for a piece of land on this campus. The vision of youth is interconnected with the campus, which is so poetic and so sentimental. Every PKUer will have a unique dream and memory of the campus.”

Forever campus
PKU Executive Vice President Wu Zhipan announced the award to the outstanding graduates of the year, and encourage all students of the class of 2016 to honor who they are, and devoted themselves to whatever they chose to do in the future, contribute to the society and the world. The school expects its graduates to become someone that possess a healthy body, fully-developed personality, the spirit of creativity and the ability to practice, and a strong sense of public responsibility. Peking University believe our graduates have been trained to work perfectly in their specialties, and acquired the qualities above. We have faith in our graduates after their graduation that they can be of great value to the society, the country and the world.

Announcing the outstanding graduates

Representatives of the outstanding graduates
Li Xiaodan, the undergraduate representative of class 2016, offered the graduation speech, recalled her experience during her time in PKU, and shared her perspectives towards the graduation.

The student graduation speech
Professor Zhang Jing, expressed both "appreciation" and "apology" to the graduates. She said that she would like to appreciate that brilliant student creates excellent teachers. In the meantime, she would also like to apologize for being unable to teach PKU students lots of things that are so important for their lives but hard to be told within 4-year studies in college. There are still lots of things to be learnt by young people through their own practice in life. no one can ever achive success with mere cognitive competence. A successful person should also have the quality of bravery, passion, introspection, cooperation, honesty, a decent sense of value, the ability to face challenges and overcome them, breakthrough one’s personal limitations, and reach a balance of sensibility and rationality. She wished graduates to learn from the exploration of the society, make their own judgements, gain their dignity and achieve their success.

Professor Zhang Jing on speech
Academician Shao Feng, vice director of National Institute of Biological Science, Beijing (NIBS), made a speech as the representative of alumni. He talked about his struggle through life and career, and how he managed to find who he is. He encourages class of 2016 to value the freedom and openness of the time, make rational judgements and proper decisions in life.

Academician Shao Feng
After that, there played a video from parents, faculty, campus staff, former high school masters, and donors. They expressed their expectations for the graduates, and which all they kids find their own ways in life.

Student representatives present bouquet to the parents and staff representatives
The final speech of the ceremony was conducted by PKU president Lin Jianhua. President Lin congratulated the graduates, expressed his gratitude to wards the hard working faculty and staff, and his blessings to the families of the graduates.
In his speech, President Lin expectes PKU graduates should not only be capable in their own shpecialties, but also form a firm faith toward what they do and have a sense of duty. This is a great time filled with dreams and opportunities, he said, “it is the best choice for PKU graduates to bravely merge into the time.”

President Lin Jianhua
After the speech, President Lin awarded bachelor degrees to the undergraduates of class 2016.
The commencement ceremony ended in the song of Yan Yuan Qing. The class of 2016 graduates will pursue their course of life with the expectations of the university, and wish them will all find who they really are. 

Reported by: Choisum Kwok 
Edited by: Zhang Jiang