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2016 China Young Political Science Scholars Forum held

APR . 29 2016
Peking University, April 29, 2016: On April 23, the opening ceremony of the 2016 China Young Political Science Scholars Forum was held at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Dean Yu Keping from School of Government and the deputy dean Yao Jingyi as well as other professors attended the ceremony.
China Young Political Science Scholars Forum is an academic forum organized by the School of Government of PKU for university students. The forum aims to provide opportunities for outstanding students to communicate with each other, to enhance the cooperation among universities and to improve the young scholars’ academic competence in political science.
The ceremony starts with the deputy dean Yao Jingyi’s speech, in which she urges students to work hard and to develop strong sense of social responsibility. Then student representatives from Peking University and Zhejiang University gave their speeches on the youth political science scholars’ mission and responsibility.
As a special part of the ceremony, representatives from other universities and the PKU faculty members put the colorful sand into a sandcastle, which symbolizes that youth political science scholars will shoulder their social responsibility and fulfill their mission step by step.

A special part in the opening ceremony
After the ceremony, Yu Keping gave a lecture titled“The Functions of Political Science and the Responsibilities of Young Political Science Scholars”. He drew his study and work experience to illustrate the importance and necessity of political study and analyzed the functions of modern political science. He also pointed out that political science study and teaching is not only an occupation but a cause, and young political science scholars should shoulder their responsibilities in deepening human’s understanding in political science, advocating fresh political concepts and cultivating competent citizens and government officials.

Group Photo
Written by: Wang Zeyu
Edited by: Xiao Yunyun