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Welcome Back: Premier Li Visits Peking University

APR . 22 2016
Peking University April 17, 2016: On the afternoon of April 15th, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited his alma mater -- Peking University. During his half-day stay, Li actively interacted with PKU teachers, students and staff workers, inspected about PKU’s current situation and delivered an important speech at the Forum of Higher Education Reform.
At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Premier Li arrived at Peking University. His first stop was National School of Development at Langrun Yuan, where he learned the development of Yanyuan Think Tank from Zhu Shanlu, secretary of CPC Peking University Committee. Li inquired in detail about the development of CFPS (Chinese Family Panel Studies) database and fully acknowledged its importance.

Premier Li inspecting the panel ofYanyuan Think Tank
Later, Yao Yang, dean of National School of Development, introduced the PKU’s latest news, scientific research achievements and academic publications, while elaborating on the study of new economy and the development of School of South-South Cooperation. Li highly praised their studies and emphasized the importance of new economy in the course of overall economic reform.

Premier Li with teachers and students of National School of Development
Then, PremierLi visited School of Economics, from which he had earned his Master and Doctoral degrees.

Li receiving a piece of Calligraphy as a presentfrom Students of School of Economics

Teachers and students welcoming Premier Li
Banners with slogans such as “Hello, Premier Li” and “Welcome Back”held by teachers and students who had come to welcome Li, could be seen alongside the road.Litook a selfie with international students, andhad a talkwith students of Baseball Society and MAPKU (Mountaineering Association of Peking University). Li also autographed MAPKU’s banner and gave sincere compliments toits plan of conquering Mount Qomolangma in 2018.

Premier Li with international students

Premier Li with PKU students

Premier Li with MAPKU members
Li then visited Law School, from which he had earned his Bachelor’s degree. 

Li Listening to Head of PKU Law School, Zhang Shouwen’s report,
Soon after, Li came to School of Mathematical Sciences. After listening to PKU Vice President Gao Song’s report on the current academic research in the field of science and engineering, Li remarked that pure mathematicsstudy is China’s weak point and PKU should endeavor toprovide more sufficient support to the researchers in need.

Li Communicating with teachers and students of School of Mathematical Sciences

Li Greeting academician Jiang Boju
After the inspection, Premier Li attended a symposium on innovation for higher education at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. At the seminar,Li called for deeper reforms in higher educationto build world-class universities and moreover, an innovation-oriented nation.

Symposium on innovation for higher education
Premier Li then dined at Nongyuan Dining Hall. He chatted leisurely with students over various topics, ranging from daily life to academic pursuit, and exhorted students to have a down-to-earth attitude.

Li Chatting with canteen staff worker

Li Chatting with students during dinner time
After dinner, Li waved goodbye to PKU students in front of Classroom Building No. 2. PKU students voluntarily sang the school’s anthem together as a goodbye gift to the Premier.

Students gathering to see the Premier off
Written by:XuPenghang
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)