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The Official Naming Ceremony of Shouren Building held at Peking University

APR . 19 2016
Peking University, Apr. 15, 2016: On Monday, April 11, 2016, the building in the backyard of the Peking University Educational Foundation officially received the name, Shouren Building, which pays tribute to Mr. Chen Shouren.

Mr. Chen Shouren (sixth from the left) and other guests witnessing the unveiling ceremony
The name, Shouren, showed PKU’s sincere gratitude to Mr. Chen Shouren’s long-term support and contribution. Furthermore, “Shouren” literally means “to uphold the principle of humanity and benevolence” in Chinese, which is the kernel of Confucianism. Therefore, it also expressed PKU’s resolution to stick to its principle of cultivating virtues and benefiting humanity on the road towards building a world-class university.
Mr. Chen Shouren, chairman of the Hong Kong Luen Thai Group, attended the naming ceremony and unveiled the plaque of the building. Later, he also made a donation for the research and future development of the Center for New Structural Economics. Chairman of Peking University Council, Zhu Shanlu presented Mr. Chen with a certificate of gratitude during the ceremony.

Mr. Chen Shouren (second from the right) with the certificate of gratitude
Zhu made a welcome speech at the naming ceremony. He acknowledged that Mr. Chen has been for a long time following PKU’s development and offering his material and spiritual supports. He also expressed the sincere wish that Mr. Chen and other public personages could make constructive criticism and provide advice for PKU’s future development. In the end, he invited Mr. Chen and his family to attend the 120th anniversary of the founding of PKU in the year of 2018. 

Zhu Shanlu making a welcome speech

Then Mr. Chen Hengli, son of Mr. Chen Shouren and chief executive of the Luen Thai Group, made a speech. He expressed his appreciation of PKU’s naming the building after his father. And he pointed out that the cause of education is bound up with the prosperity of our country. He said that it was their honor to contribute to the development of PKU to advance the academic and educational progress of our nation.
Then, Mr. Chen Hengli expressed their resolution to support Professor Lin Yifu in his study of new structural economics. He stated that the study is of great significance, which mainly focused on China’s successful experience of economic development. And the findings would be introduced to African countries to help them wipe out poverty and promote their development. Mr. Chen also wished PKU a successful 120th anniversary. At the end of the speech, he sincerely hoped that PKU would achieve the goal of becoming a world-class university as soon as possible.  

Mr. Chen Hengli making a speech

In the end, Prof. Justin Yifu Lin addressed the guests in the ceremony to express his great respect and admiration to Mr. Chen Shouren. He said that Mr. Chen had set an example of being a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. On the one hand, Mr. Chen is devoted to the development of diversified transnational enterprises and competitive sustainable industries. On the other hand, he always commits himself to improving human well-being.

As the old Chinese saying goes, a person of genuine humanity, who is independent and self-made, should also help others to elevate to the same state. Similarly, Prof. Lin pointed out that the Center of New Structural Economics intended to formulate a new theory about economic development based on China’s experience. Then other developing countries may benefit from it.

Justin Yifu Lin making a speech

Written by:
Zhou Yixiu

Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)