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PKU delegation attends the first China-Israel University President Forum

APR . 14 2016

Peking University, Apr. 8, 2016: From March 28 to 31, Lin jianhua, president of Peking University, led a delegation to attend the first China-Israel University President Forum held in Jerusalem, Israel, and visited Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, Israel Institute of Technology and other partner universities, which brought further communication and operation between Peking University and key universities in Israel.

group photo

Opened on March 29, China-Israel University Forum was launched by member universities of "China-Israel 7+7 Research-based University Union", inviting key universities of the two countries to deepen their understanding on the issue of "Cultural Inheritance and Technology Innovation of China-Israel".
Vice-Premier Liu Yandong gave a speech on the forum. She appealed to universities in both countries to learn from each other and take the responsibility of serving bilateral relationship and promoting people’s friendship.

Liu Yandong presenting the book to Hebrew University

The launch ceremony of the Hebrew edition of Chinese Classics was held at the same time, which gives a detailed introduction about Chinese classic culture and a strong stimulation to cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries.
During the ceremony, Liu presented The Analects of Confucius and A Dream in Red Mansions to Bennett, Israeli Minister of Education. As the representatives of the cooperation, President Lin Jianhua of Peking University and President Ben Sasson of Hebrew University together witnessed the book-presenting ceremony.
On the same day, Lin Jianhua personally visited Ben Sasson. Two sides both showed that they would like to strengthen the cooperation of the two universities in the fields of Confucius Institute, mathematical research and student exchange program. They also laid emphasis on the intention to cooperate on brain science cooperation and looked forward to developing all-around and multilevel cooperation.

Lin presenting Beida Souvenir to Ben Sasson 

On March 28, Lin Jianhua's delegation visited Tel Aviv University and President Kraft. The delegation had a thorough understanding about Tel Aviv University’s progress in the field of innovate business education, nanomedicine, food safety, East Asia study and international communication. The two universities will promote the cooperation of technology through the Joint Center for Food Safety. Meanwhile, the two universities will explore more possibilities of cooperation in the fields of humanities, social sciences, life sciences and innovative entrepreneurship.

Lin visiting Tel Aviv University

On March 30, the delegation visited Israel Institute of Technology and President Rawie. The two sides had an informal discussion about this university’s branches in New York and Shan Tou, China. Both of them hoped to learn from each other so as to enable university research achievement to create greater value and provide better social service.
During Lin's visit to Israel Institute of Technology, he also visited 2011 Nobel laureate in chemistry, Daniel Sheikh Mansour. They two had a deep discussion about the possibility of cooperation in chemistry, life sciences and engineering science.
Written by: Zhong Yaoqiong
Edited by: Guo Caichen & Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)