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PKU Sixth Hospital: Public Lecture on Schizophrenia

APR . 13 2016

Peking University April 10, 2016: On the morning of March 22, the second lecture of the popular science lecture series on Schizophrenia was held at the Consultation Room of Peking University Sixth Hospital. Pan Chengying, vice director of the outpatient department, was the speaker of the lecture.
Focusing on “How should patients and their family members cooperate during and after the treatment of Schizophrenia”, Pan emphasized that Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder, especially among young adults. Mental disorderis unrelated to one’s moral character; therefore people should not hold discrimination against individuals suffering from such disease. As a matter of fact, Schizophrenia is treatable. With proper pharmacological treatment, its symptoms can be effectively controlled and relieved. Accordingly, Pan urged that patients should establish a healthy self-management system— taking medicine on time and attending regular re-examinations, while family members should offer constant encouragement as well as effective supervision.
Pan also clarified some common misconceptions concerning diagnosis. For example, regular re-examination cannot be conceived as equivalent to renewing prescriptions as the former includes the process of assessing the effectiveness and adverse effects of the medicine, making adjustments to the prescription, preventing relapses, etc. Moreover, Pan mentioned that it was also helpful if the family members of patients could maintain a healthy mental state.
After the lecture, Pan interacted with the audience and provided some more useful advice regarding the treatment of Schizophrenia. 
Peking University Sixth Hospital has attracted patients from home and abroad with its high-quality medical service. However, the mismatch between the increase of patients and the limitation of space in the waiting zone has aggravated patient’s anxiety. In order to improve the medical service system and to ameliorate doctor-patient relationship, PKU Sixth Hospital has decided to make the best of the waiting time by holding two public lectures every month. The first one was held on March 7 and was widely welcomed by patients and their family members. 
Written by: Xu Penghang
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)