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PKU Delegation visits Taiwan University

APR . 12 2016
Peking University, Apr.11, 2016: On March 21, 2016, Peking University sent a delegation composed of teachers and students to Taiwan, headed by President Lin Jianhua. During the five-day period, the delegation visited Taiwan University, Chengchi University, Academia Sinica and other institutes, meeting with our compatriots and PKU alumni in Taiwan. A series of communication activities including “Peking University Day” were held at Taiwan University on March 24.
A Speech Delivered by Lin Jianhua
Peking University Day was held at Taiwan University on March 24. President Lin Jianhua delivered a speech on “Sharing and Imagination”. He reviewed the history of the two universities, discussed the current challenge of higher education and PKU’s development strategies with the audience, looking forward to further cooperation between Peking University and Taiwan University. 

Lin Jianhua in speech
After the speech, Lin Jianhua and Yang Panchi, president of Taiwan University, signed an agreement of MBA second degree cooperation, marking a substantial step in joint student’s development. They also renewed the memorandum of student’s social service program. Launched by Peking University and Taiwan University in 2011 and has been held 10 times during the last 5 years, the program has attracted more than 200 students from both universities to participate in local educational practice. It has become the brand project of communication between both universities. At the end of the ceremony, Lin Jianhua and Yang Panchi exchanged official gifts to each other on behalf of the university.

Lin Jianhua presenting the official gift to Taiwan University
In the afternoon, Lin Jianhua had a meeting with President Yang, Vice President Chen Liangji and others. The two presidents reached an agreement that cooperation in scientific research, entrepreneurship education and innovative education is vital to enhancing the education level of the two universities and the welfare of both mainland and Taiwan.
The Memorial Exhibition of Qian Siliang
On the afternoon of March 24, Lin Jianhua, accompanied by Yang Panchi and others, visited the Gallery of Taiwan University History for the closing ceremony of the memorial exhibition of Qian Siliang, together with Professor Qian’s second son, academician Qian Xu and Qian’s other family members. Lin Jianhua recalled Professor Qian’s positive influence on his TA, Professor Su Zengmian, who later became Lin’s mentor, indicating that Peking University and Taiwan University always have the same pursuit for knowledge and truth. This memorial exhibition will come to PKU in May, followed by related academic activities.

At the closing ceremony
Academic Communications between the Two Universities
Representing the top university in mainland and Taiwan, Peking University and Taiwan University have achieved great academic success in certain fields of research. During the Peking University Day, representatives from different departments of Peking University communicated with their counterparts in Taiwan University through various seminars and lectures in environment protection, aging of population, local governance, advanced management and educational thinking. The academic communications between the matching schools and departments highlighted the academic value of Peking University Day, leading a brighter prospect of academic development of both sides for the future.
The Forum of Environment Protection
On the afternoon of March 24, teacher and student representatives from College of Urban and Environmental Sciences of PKU and College of Science of Taiwan University attended a forum together, discussing topics related with environment protection. Scholars from two universities delivered speeches separately on PM2.5 and water pollution, concerning their own research fields. They analyzed the cause and tendency of air and water pollution in mainland and Taiwan, and discussed the methods of pollution control.

In the forum
Three PKU students from Environmental Education Base for Chinese University Students also shared their experiences on environmental education and environmentally friendly campus building, based on their specialties. Different opinions on environment protection were exchanged during the forum, creating an active and enthusiastic atmosphere.
The Youth Concert
At the night of March 24, the Youth Concert was held at Taipei Zhongshan Hall. The campus folk songs since the 1970s were sung by students from both universities together, which conveys the common aspirations of the elite students in China. Famous musician and Taiwan University alumna Qi Yu, was also invited to the concert and performed some classic folk songs such as the Olive Tree and Grandma’s Penghu Bay. In the last part of the Peking University Day, mainland and Chinese youngsters formed strong relationship through the beautiful music, writing a new chapter of cross-Strait communications.

In the concert

The partnership between Peking University and Taiwan University has a long history. In 1995, the two universities signed a memorandum of academic communications; in 2010, the memorandum of strategic alliances was signed, followed by the establishment of the strategic alliance commission, which aims to promote cooperation in various areas; in December, 2010 and May, 2011, Taiwan University Day and Peking University Day were held respectively. The visiting of delegations to each other created a new record in cross-Strait higher education history.

In recent years, the relationship between the two universities becomes even stronger, with communication in students exchange, talents training, technological research, art, sports and other areas well underway. Lin Jianhua and the delegation’s visit to Taiwan University this time showed the multi-level cooperation pattern between the two universities, and will lead to a new direction of cross-Strait educational and cultural communications.
Written by: Wang Zehua
Edited by: Yan Shengnan