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Chinese Cultural Renaissance Forum held in Peking University

DEC . 10 2015
Peking University, Nov 17, 2015: On November 12, Chinese Cultural Renaissance Forum is held in Yingjie Exchange Center. The forum is hosted by Peking University, together with Peking University Taiwan Research Institute and Ministry of Culture-Peking University Cross-Strait Cultural Research Base. The opening ceremony is hosted by Liu Wei, executive vice president of Peking University. Leaders and guests and more than 280 experts attend the forum.

 The Meeting

Long Mingbiao, undersecretary of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, gives the first speech. He says that this is the time when cross-strait relations development opens a new page in history. Through in-depth communication, we can promote Chinese culture. He mentions the meeting of Xi Jingping and Ma Yingjiu. On November 7, 2015, leaders on both sides, Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou held a historical meeting in Singapore, which is a landmark in cross-strait relations. This meeting created a precedent for direct communication, and opened up a new prospect for the development of cross-strait relations. President Xi pointed that both sides should seek the great rejuvenation. Ma Ying-jeou initiated that the two sides should work together to rejuvenate and create a more peaceful and better future. Chinese has a long history and a civilization that dates back to five thousand years ago. It is our responsibility to strengthen cross-strait cultural exchanges, promote the traditional culture and build a spiritual home. Long also hopes that the forum would make a positive contribution to developments on both sides.

Long’s Speech

Liu Zhaoxuan, president of Taiwan Chinese Culture Association, and Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of Peking University Council also present their speeches afterwards.

The theme of this forum is “Chinese Cultural Renaissance and Revitalization.” During the two-day seminar, experts and scholars will discuss the following topics, “History and Reality of Chinese Culture”, “The Cultural Meaning of Chinese Dream”, “Renaissance of Chinese Culture and Cross-Strait Relations” etc. In addition, the forum also invites some students from Taiwan and Mainland to participate in the discussion and some visits afterwards, aiming to encourage young people to understand each other and discuss the plan for Chinese culture rejuvenation.

The forum was supported by Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, State Council Taiwan Affairs Office and Taiwan Chinese Culture Association and other institutes.

Written by:
Zhang Chen
Edited by: Xiao Yunyun
Source: Peking University