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Interview of alumni: memories and blessings

DEC . 20 2017
Peking University, Nov. 26, 2017: On Nov 1, Peking University witnessed the gathering of more than 90 alumni who were currently over 90 years old. All of them attended National Southwestern Associated University (which was merged by Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nankai University during the Anti-Japanese War) or its affiliated schools before. 

To commemorate their precious memories and blessings, students from the Secretariat of the preparatory committee for the 120th anniversary of Peking University invited these alumni to briefly write down their beautiful memories of campus life and to extend good wishes for the school. Despite their quivering hands, the words these aged alumni wrote down were warm and touching.

Sha ye (Class of 1950 from the School of History)

Like China’s future plan to achieve “Four Modernization” in 2035, our university can also develop a long-term plan to make progress. In pace with our nation, I believe our university will also become a world-class university in the future.

Wang zhaoti (Class of 1949 from the School of Foreign Language)

I love National Southwestern Associated University. It made me who I am and taught me to live life fully and diligently.

Li Gang (Class of 1948 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering)

I hope Peking University can always retain its vitality and stand among the world-class universities together with Tsinghua University.

Yang Xinmin (Class of 1946 from the Department of Electromechanical Engineering)

The alumni of National Southwestern Associated University are scattered across the country, some overseas. Most of them, however, are too old to attend this kind of association. I suggest our university contact them instantly and put their photos and stories on our campus newspaper.

The history of National Southwestern Associated University shouldn’t only exist in the memorial halls. The young should be organized to visit the memorial halls and learn about history. Besides, some defaced monuments in Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nankai University need be protected and repaired.

Long Yuqiu (Class of 1948 from the Department of Civil Engineering)

We should always remember the three “Tops” of National Southwestern Associated University: thatched top roofs, tin-top classrooms and top-notch talents.

Wang Renlin (Class of 1949 from the School of Foreign Language)

As mountain as sea—As clouds wandering free—Alma mater fore’er cherished by me! 

Wang Ziguang (Class of 1948 from the School of Law)

In memory of the 80th anniversary of National Southwestern Associated University: I will always bear in mind to seek truth, work arduously, love my country and my fellow citizens, and lead an honest and righteous life. Building a democratic and a law-based society is a long-term cause. We should not forget the past--to forget is to betray.

Fu Shuti (Class of 1946 from the Department of Electromechanical Engineering)

I appreciate the cultivation I received at National Southwestern Associated University—its free academic atmosphere and strict requirements had lifelong influence on me.

On one hand, students in this university were free to change majors and find their favorite field to develop their talents. On the other hand, to ensure the quality of education, the university had strict requirements on basic sciences as well. 

The only two Chinese Nobel Laureates Li Zhengdao and Yang Zhenning both graduated from this university. After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, many academicians were also graduates from this university.

I really hope that universities nowadays can learn from National Southwestern Associated University so as to foster more talents and to realize the Chinese Dream.

Wang Jingshan(Class of 1948 from School of Foreign Language)

I hold National Southwestern Associated University in my heart for good, and extend my benedictions on Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University and Yunnan Normal University.

Chen Bingliang(Class of 1948 from Department of Civil Engineering)

The tradition and spirit of National Southwestern Associated University will shine forever.

The old alumni have studied diligently and learnt to love one’s country and to shoulder responsibility under the free academic atmosphere at National Southwestern Associated University, which was sure to be a precious experience for their lifetime.

In the shabby classrooms, teachers and students learnt from each other while respecting each other. Under the thatched roof, they buried themselves in academia, which laid a solid foundation for many scientific fields in China.

Now, it is the youth’s responsibility to inherit and carry forward the spirit of National Southwestern Associated University, to care for their country, to exploit new areas and to usher China into a new epoch.

Written by: Peng Wei
Edited by: Wei Yunqi and Xu Penghang