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The 12th International Students’ PKU Idol held in Peking University Centennial Hall

OCT . 31 2017

Peking University, October 17, 2017: On the evening of October 14, 2017, the 12th International Students’ PKU Idol, one of the culture festival activities of Peking University’s 14th International Culture Festival, was held in Peking University Centennial Hall. Echoing the theme of “Together as One”, international students throughout the world entered the competition. The contest not only provided international students with a performance stage, but also provided a bridge between Chinese and foreign students.

Starting from 2004, the PKU International Culture Festival has a history of 14 years. This year, the theme of the culture festival is “Together as One”, hoping for students from various countries to enjoy a happy time together and to communicate with one another, to broaden their horizons and to establish new  friendships. The International Students’ PKU Idol contest, the brand activity of the culture festival, is held jointly by the PKU Office of International Relations and the PKU International Exchange Department of the Student Union.

In the final, all competitors were divided into five groups, of which some groups ignited the audience, some sang quietly, and others touched listeners deeply. The multi-theme design of the contest strengthened the sense of wholeness across performances, and brought distinct impressions of different songs’ atmospheres. Beginning at seven o'clock p.m., twelve competitors sang in turns according to their themes. Three members were able to move forward from the group ranked in 1st place, and the remaining top 7 competitors for the second round came from other groups.

Competing for the top 3 places, every candidate not only chose their repertoire carefully but also paid lots of attention to stage presentation. Their styles varied from prairie folk songs to exciting rock songs, as well as quiet and warm South Korean songs. The candidates gave detailed and quality performances,and  winners of previous years also returned to perform.  The judges gave practical and precise suggestions to competitors.


Finally, the YCA TRIO group (India, Australia, France), Zhao Shengli (Zimbabwe), and Piao Chengao (South Korea) won the best three singers. Distinguished guests and judges handed grand competitors their prizes and took photos together.

The 14th PKU International Culture Festival will be held on October 29, 2017. More activities will come then.

Written by: Zhang Jingwen

Edited by: Karen Xu
Source: PKU News (Chinese)