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School leaders have a symposium with freshmen representatives of Class of 2021

OCT . 31 2017
Peking University, Oct. 25, 2017: On Oct. 19, 2017, PKU President Lin Jianhua and Vice President Chen Baojian had a discussion with 23 freshmen representatives of class of 2021 from 20 departments. Jia xuan, an undergraduate of class of 2017 hosted this symposium.

Student representatives come from bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. Among them, there are students from "Dream Weavers", "Boya plan", the top-three students in the university entrance exam and the silver medalist of the International Olympic competition. Also, there are students representatives from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas students.

At the beginning, Jia xuan briefly reviewed the orientation activities during past few months. Then, the representatives talked freely about their experience and feelings in PKU, and present suggestions and expectation on the school's development.

Chen shu, a master student from School of Mathematical Science, and Pang chaoyue, a master student from School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, said "PKU provides a great convenience for students, diverse platforms in the aspects of learning guidance, information construction, investment in living infrastructure which can support students on their living and learning." Xu jingyi, an undergraduate from Department of History and Jiang bohan, an undergraduate from School of Foreign Languages, expressed the differences between high school and college which made them adapt to the change from passive to proactive, from acceptance to questioning, from reference to research. Lv tingmiao, an undergraduate student from School of Government, said she was touched by the atmosphere of inclusive, which is formed by the flexibility in elective system and teaching style and rich extra-curricular activities, in Peking University.

He liyu, an undergraduate from School of Basic Medical Science, and Chen hongmei, an undergraduate from Law School, said they loved the campus which is filled with history. Hu yunhui, an undergraduate students from School of Electronics and Engineering and Computer Science, said when he first came to the Peking University he saw a broad and profound world, which brought him a question "how can I be an unique and whole person". Ce limei, a Mongolian student from Law School, said she was touched by the strong ambience of literature and art, the inclusive style of study and the enthusiasm from Chinese students. Because of her learning experience in China in her childhood, she had already regard China as her second hometown, she was eager to know more about the Chinese culture and hope to build a bridge of friendship between two countries. Cui jingning, a Macanese student from Department of Sociology shared her experiences in Peking University. Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and mainland students together in classes provide students more ideas and thinking space. In her class, she felt the care and love to students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan delivered by school.

Wei lai, a master student from School of Pyhsics, has spent four years of undergraduate study at Peking University. In his view, there is a significant difference between lives of graduate and undergraduate. As a National Defense Student, he will focus more on theory and practice, to combine the knowledge accumulation with the work in the army. Tang pengfei, a doctoral student from College of Engineering, says as a student counselor he actively communicates with undergraduates in his class in order to take care of every students in his class. Lei zhiyun, an undergraduate student from College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, thanked his teachers for reminding students of taking care of themselves. He Peng, a doctoral student from College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, shared his feelings. He said, "every evening, at half past ten, lights in the laboratory are bright and the students are still busy". All of these shows the enthusiasm of students which motivated him a lot. Li hui, a doctoral student from Guanghua School of Management who came back to school for further study after a few years working, said she felt familiar with school when she came back. She hoped to stand on an advanced platform to achieve the combination of science ability, business thinking and humanities.

At the meeting, students put forward some advices on the development of school. The advices focus on the effect of works construction, improving the campus drainage system and the environment of canteen, increasing the variety of food and improving the taste to meet the demands of diverse diet, improving the bath conditions, enhancing management of shared bike and etc. School leaders responded to part of their questions and mentioned that they would make a deep research on the current campus construction, logistics services and implement scientific and reasonable solution as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they hope that students could put the overall situation in mind and together with school to overcome current but temporary difficulties we are facing with the purpose of developing a better school.

Lin jianhua said in the conclusive address that he felt the vigor and vitality from the speech of students which also inspired him. Peking University strives to build a high quality campus and provide comfortable communication space for both students and teachers during her process of becoming a world-class university. Students are welcome to put forward valuable opinions and suggestions, and work together with the school to improve the campus.

Lin said, students who study in Peking University should not only have a macroscopic view and feelings, but also have the experience of taking root in daily life and cultivate their empathy. I hope students in PKU can learn to take the feelings of others into consideration. Our education is not to turn people into machines but to build characters.

Teachers from General Office, Office of Educational Administration, Graduate School, Student Affairs Department, International Relations and so on attend the symposium. After the meeting, Office of Student Affairs gave commemorative bookmark of four seasons to each student representative and hoped they will study hard and grow healthy throughout the whole four years in the campus.

Written by: Wu Yao

Edited by: Wang Chengsiou
Sourse: PKU News(Chinese)