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Today, which student association are you attracted by?

OCT . 25 2017
Peking University, Oct. 13, 2017: On September 22, 2017, the Triangular Field became boisterous again.

The annual orientation festival of student associations—the Hundred-Regiment Campaign, just set off. Lining the sidewalk, various clubs endeavored to appeal to students with various attractive performances.

Visual Attraction

Dressed in a blue mask, pads and belt, a student managed to attract public attention. 

Student dressed in Kendo uniform

“It’s the uniform of our Kendo Club,” said the head of Kendo Club. Apart from basic costumes, members of Kendo Club also tie a small bag to their belts, showing their names and the name of the club. The headband is designed for absorbing sweat, but when the student turns around, you can see some slogans of the Kendo spirit stitched on it, such as “No disturbance,” which means to never get disturbed by your rival. Seniority is particularly important in Kendo. It is a tradition of the club that before and after every training session, seniors will sit at “host positions” and organize other members to talk about their feelings and ideas. As the club members believe, Kendo is a charming sport that both begins and ends with decorum.

Some students may join the Kendo Club only because it “looks cool” when Kendo representatives performed their skills in attack and defense at the orientation festival. However, the rigorous training is totally another story. To perform acts used in real attacks or defense, members need to go through one semester’s grueling practice of basic steps and gestures.

Students from the Original Fire Anime Society

Uniforms, Lolita fashion, cosplay…The Original Fire Anime Society also attracted much attention. “No matter if it’s cosplay or cute dresses, it’s a way to become who we want to be.” In this society, Yugan (nickname) not only found companions to talk about anime, but also discovered the lifestyle she’s willing to follow.

Student from Bei Society

Wei Minxuan, a sophomore from Yuanpei College, got up early that day and dressed herself as a beauty from the Han dynasty. She put on a Han dynasty costume as well as delicate make-up with a lotus pattern on her forehead.

Wei has been interested in traditional Chinese culture and art since childhood. She began reading Chinese poems at a young age, and occasionally composes some herself. Before entering university, she did research on Bei Society--an association that studies and devises classical poems--and joined it afterwards in university. She also hopes that more people can understand the elegance of classical culture.

Acoustic Appeal

The Harmonica Club

“This one in my hand is a tremolo harmonica, while that one is a chromatic harmonica. They are different…” After performing an interlude from a Hayao Miyazaki film, Cheng Miao from Harmonica Club, began introducing different types of harmonicas to the audience. Cheng joined the Harmonica Club in last year’s Hundred-Regiment Campaign to make up for the fact that he never learned any musical instruments previously. After some fundamental training, he focused on anime music according to his interest.
In addition to the Harmonica Club, the Accordion Club, Guitar Club, Orchestra Club, and all other musical associations also contributed to the incessant flowing of harmonious music around the Triangular Field.

The Percussion Drums Club


Laver, rice, sushi, bread, ham, hamburgers…If you pass by the Cooking Association at mealtime, you are sure to be allured. Restricted by the field conditions, the Cooking Association didn’t manage to expose more techniques but showed how to process semi-finished food. “Actually I don’t cook much,” confessed the boy who stood by distributing leaflets, “But I’m interested in cooking. In the future I will try more, otherwise I may seldom find opportunity to improve my cooking.”

Written by: Wang Xi
Edited by: Fu Wenyun, Karen Xu
Source: PKU Youth