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School of Urban and Environmental Sciences carries out Toyota Environmental Protection Education

OCT . 05 2017
Peking University, Sept. 29, 2017: Supported by China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment (CFYEE), from September 2 to 7, 2017, Guan Jianxing, Lin Haoru and Huang Shiyong, members of Environmental Protection Education Practice Group of PKU SUPD, went to Dandong City, Fengcheng City, Donggang City, and Kuandian County, Liaoning Province to carry out a five-day activity supporting the education for environmental protection.

Dandong City, located in the southeastern part of Liaoning Province, across the river stands North Korea, is China's largest border city. Hushan Great Wall, the eastern end of Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, can be found here. Besides, there are Yalu River known for the Korean War, the broken bridge of Yalu River, many nature reserves and ecological parks in Dandong.

On September 2, members of Environmental Protection Education Practice Group of PKU School of Urban and Environmental Sciences took the high-speed train from Beijing to Dandong. After getting off the train, along with Dandong City volunteer service organization, the members carried out the environment protection activity at Yalu River. Local children and parents joined the activity and finished small tasks such as collecting trash. The event aims to arouse people's awareness of environmental protection and help foster the habit of caring for environment.

Group photo

During the five-day practice, the groups traveled around Dandong city, and went to four middle or high schools for environmental protection education activities. The education activities are divided into three major parts: "Youth Environmental Awareness Education", "Youth Responsibility and Training" and "Learning in Society and Nature", aiming at arousing young people's awareness of environmental protection and responsibility.

Group members and students from Zhen'an high school

In the afternoon of September 4, group members came to Zhen'an high school to give a lecture about inspiration and environmental protection. More than 200 teachers, second- and third-year students attended the event. The lecture was divided into several parts such environmental education, inspirational growth, and responsibility. Group members encourage students to care for environment and become a self-confident, hard-working, positive, and responsible person. During the event, teachers and students actively interacted with the group members.
Group memembers answering questions in Dandong No.2 high school

On September 5 and 6, group members came to Dandong No.2 high school and  Fengcheng No.1 high school to hold a sharing session. The session encourages students to think independently, reflect on their daily behavior and not be limited by books. Students present responded enthusiastically and put forward various interesting questions. Group members answered questions from professional perspectives of geography and environment. After sharing, many students expressed their strong desire to study in PKU School of Urban and Environmental Sciences. 
Group members in Fengcheng No.1 high school
Group members in Fengcheng No.1 high school

On September 7, group members came to Tangchi middle school early in the morning. Unlike the schools visited few days ago, Tangchi middle school is a junior high school, located on the outskirts of the city. Many families here rely on mountains to make a living, thus environmental protection is closely related with the survival. In the playground, group members shared with students about environmental protection, growth experience and life planning.  
Group members with students of Tangchi middle school

Five-day time is short but precious. While leaving for Beijing, every member wanted to stay here for a bit longer. Being confused at the very beginning but contented in the end, group members received a wonderful experience here.
Group members at Guomenwan Bridge

This activity enhances group members' awareness of public service, national feelings, and social responsibility as well as deep understandings of society. They feel the value of love and devotion, and the precious meanings of a good environment, which is in response to the call of youth serving the country. 
Written by: Qian Kang 
Edited by: Wang Chengsiou