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“Torch Relay” Books Circulation organized by College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

SEP . 30 2017
Peking University, September 26, 2017: On September 17, “Torch relay” books circulation, an activity organized by Young Volunteer Association of College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, started at the Triangle in Peking University. The activity responded to the idea of recycling resources in 13th Five-Year Plan, and promoted the voluntary spirit of PKU students. It received attention of more than 400 students from various colleges, and gave out more than 1,500 recycling books.

Young Volunteer Association, an energetic student organization for public benefit, was founded in 2007. It aimed at giving love and offering voluntary services. Thanks to its members’ education background in environmental sciences, the Association combined public benefit with environment protection and gained recognition from the public.

Students selecting books

 “Torch Relay”, launched in 2013, is one of their major activities of the association. Different from other old-book-recycling activities, the association asks participants for a written promise of returning books. This not only helps students in poor economic situation with their demand for textbooks, but also promotes book recycling. Over the past six years, students have donated their books to the association every spring semester and the association gives out these books for free. Students can get the books as long as they make a written promise that they would attend this activity again as a donator. In this way, books could be used repeatedly, which would promote the idea of environment-friendly lifestyle. 

Group Photo of the Volunteers

There had already been a long queue before the activity actually got started. During the activity, volunteers interviewed dozens of participators for their opinions on it, and received many constructive suggestions. 

Books as a kind of resources, carry not only knowledge but also PKUers’ respect for it. When passed around on the campus, old books show PKUers’ seek for culture. The circulation of books is just like torch relay, enkindling PKUers’ enthusiasm for knowledge and reading.

Written by: Wu Fangxu
Edited by: Xie Changli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)