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The conference on Assessment of National Governance Experience held at Peking University

SEP . 30 2017
Peking University, September 27, 2017: The conference on Assessment of National Governance Experience, a major project of the Base of Humanities and Social Science of Ministry of Education, was held by Institute of State Governance Studies, Peking University at Leo Koguan Building on September 22, 2017.

Many experts attend the conference, including Yan Jirong, Wang Puqu and Xu Xianglin, researchers of Institute of Political Development and Governance of Peking University, and Zhang Xiaojin, Jing Yuejin, professors of Academy of Humanities and Social Science of Tsinghua University.

Wang Puqu introduced the actual background and the general design of major projects of the base and their connections to this project. Yan Jirong reported on the research background, research framework and methods, and expected results of the project. He indicated that project groups would do research on national governance experience assessment from perspectives of nation, society and individuals, and provide insights into advantages and shortages in national governancein order to serve the general goal of “developing socialist system with Chinese characteristics and promoting modernization of the system and ability of national governance”. 

Experts approved of the value of this project for assessing advantages and shortages of national governance, developing national governance experience and improving efficiency of governance. Meanwhile, they gave some suggestionsWang Fuqu pointed out that the project should further clarify the targets of the assessment and the relationship among system, ability and efficiency of governance. Xu Xianglin expected to narrow the scale of research and focus on lateral comparison of domestic and local governance. Zhang Xiaojin advised to connect practical measurement of governance with the research of assessment system. Besides, Professor Jing Yuejin advised project groups to add the dimension of counter-indicator and avoid the overlap of different indicators. 

Yan Jirong, chief researcher of the project, showed gratitude for experts and scholars present. He declared that they would accept the suggestions on specifying the assessment indicators and improving the feasibility and refine framework of the assessment. 

Written by: Chen Guanlan
Edited by: Xie Changli