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Professor Vincent Poor of Princeton University appointed as PKU Honorary Professor

SEP . 22 2017
Peking University, Sept. 21, 2017: On September 11, responding to the invitation of Peking University Global Fellowship, H. Vincent Poor, Michael Henry Strater University Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University and member of US National Academy of Sciences, visited PKU and was appointed PKU Honorary Professor.

Professor H. Vincent Poor (right)

Professor Jiao Bingli from School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science gave an introduction to Professor Poor’s academic experiences and achievements in the field of communication engineering and information theory. Gong Qihuang, vice president of PKU, issued the letter of appointment to professor Poor.

Later Professor Poor delivered an academic report named “Smart Grid: Energy Meets Information”, through which he summarized the development and research frontier of energy grid. He pointed out that there would be a great future for energy transmission because energy resources can be integrated more effectively and power transmission system functions more safely if with the help of, for example, game theory, signal processing, and statistic inference in information sciences.

The first PKU-Princeton communication theory seminar was also held the next day. Experts and scholars from top-class universities at home and abroad took active parts in the seminar. Topics like lab construction and student cultivation were also discussed during the seminar.

Professor Poor’s visit helps promote the construction and development of PKU information and communication engineering as well as the innovation and internalization of talent cultivation and scientific research.

Written by: Zhong Yaoqiong
Edited by: Yan Shengnan