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PKU Party Committee holds Symposium on the Drafting of a Report for Party Congress

SEP . 20 2017
Peking University, Sept. 16, 2017: On the afternoon of September 14, 2017, Peking University Party Committee held its second symposium on the drafting of a report for the upcoming 13th Communist Party Congress. Democratic parties, heads of overseas Chinese associations, and nonparty delegates were solicited for their opinions. The event was commissioned by PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping, and Liu Yucun, vice chairman of Peking University Council hosted the meeting.

The Symposium
Liu Yucun stated that the Central Party Committee placed great emphasis on the important relationship between academia and united politics. As President Xi pointed out, China’s intellectuals are the “elites of society, pillars of the country, a source of pride for the nation, as well as an essential part of the patriotic united front.” PKU Party Council has always implemented policies effectively, respecting and trusting intellectuals. All are encouraged to express freely and to offer opinions.

Participants at the meeting discussed a variety of subjects, ranging from school development and reforms of system and mechanism to personnel work and the integration between PKU’s main campus and the Health Science Center. And more opinions on talent acquisition, subject development, and the renovation of ideology and politics courses were also voiced.

Liu Yucun appreciated everyone’s support and suggestions in forming a good atmosphere for the upcoming 13th Party Congress. In the future, Peking University Council will continue to solicit ideas and advice, ensuring the functioning of democratic supervision and participation in political affairs.

Written by: Wang Xi
Edited by: Fu Wenyun, Karen Xu