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International Student Welcome Day 2017 ----Traveling Far and Arriving Home

SEP . 18 2017
Peking University, September 15, 2017: On the welcome day, various international student associations, such as African Student Association (ASA), Thai Student Association (TSA), and Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA), waited in Student Center for the new blood to join their community. Domestic students of PKU Student Association also warmly welcomed new international students to the campus community. 

“Dear fellow Japanese students, I would suggest you to join a variety of student clubs on campus, and you would benefit from them and have so much fun” said by Hua Nai, a member of JSA. Japanese students would receive the invitation from JSA to a welcome ceremony soon after the welcome day. 

Reporter and Two Students of JSA

 “Chinese food is really delicious and I will recommend some good restaurants to new Thai students here.” A member of TSA told the reporter. For those who just arrived at Peking University and found it quite difficult to blend in with new surroundings, TSA is indeed a good helper, because it would offer you helpful advice to all kinds of problems in your new life.

Reporter and Student of TSA

Many African students travelling far to study at PKU generally come from different nations and cultural backgrounds, thus organizing a series of welcome activities is always an effective and efficient way to break the cultural boundaries and facilitate the cross-cultural communication. “We would have our national costumes on, chat with each other, dance together, and have so much fun.” Lin Le of ASA recalled.

Interviewing with the African Student of ASA

Thanks to the welcome event organized for all new international students, they feel a sense of community. International student associations not only help new students get familiar with and fit themselves in the new life at PKU, but also serve as a platform of showing their cultural and individual characteristics.

Written by: Li Xiaotong
Edited by: Hu Rong