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The Exhibition “Liang Shuming and Peking University” held in PKU Library

SEP . 14 2017
Peking University, Sept.13, 2017: In memory of Liang Shuming, who began to teach in PKU 100 years ago (1917-2017), the exhibition “Liang Shuming and Peking University” was held in PKU library on Sep. 11, 2017. The main organizer is PKU library and PKU Shandong Alumni Association is the co-organizer. Friends and relatives of Liang Shuming, officials from PKU library and PKU Shandong Alumni Association attended the ceremony.

Liang Peikuan, the eldest son of Liang Shuming, was invited to give a speech on behalf of Liang Shuming’s relatives. At the advanced age of 93, Liang Peikuan expressed congratulations to this exhibition. He retrospected his father’s self-educated experience, deep connection with PKU and achievements in rural construction.

Representing the organizer, Chen Jianlong, director of PKU library, expressed gratitude to all attendees and pointed out that Liang Shuming also had a close connection with PKU library. The friendship between Liang Shuming and Li Dazhao, who had acted as director of PKU library, was worth mentioning. In his articles, Liang Shuming recalled that Li Dazhao was “the most intimate friend” and that he often read periodicals and books in Li’s office before and after classes. Besides, five books with Liang Shuming’s inscriptions, and nine books with Liang Shuming’s signature are preserved in PKU library, which shows Liang Shuming‘s attention and support to PKU library. After Liang Shuming passed by, his families continued to donate sixty-seven Liang’s books to PKU library. Chen expressed gratitude to Liang’s families and promised that PKU library would carefully preserve and make a good use of these valuable materials. 

Liang Peikuan also donated Liang Shuming’s new published book Thinking and Insight to PKU library and Chen Jianlong presented the commemorative certificate in return.

The materials exhibited are mainly provided by PKU library and Liang Shuming’s relatives. Shown in 16 showcases, these materials introduce how Liang began to teach in PKU, his statements, the teaching life in PKU, and his works such as Eastern and Western Cultures and Philosophies, Essentials of Chinese Culture, Will the World Be All Right. In addition, Liang’s letters and hand-writing drafts are also presented in the exhibition. With many precious photos, fourteen display boards introduce Liang’s early experiences and achievements in PKU.

With elaborate designs and rich contents, the exhibition presents not only Liang Shuming’s contributions to PKU but also his growth experience and ambitions of benefiting the mankind. From different versions of Liang’s books, visitors can know about the deep and vast influence of his academic thoughts. The organizers hope to spread Liang’s books and to preserve the connection between Liang Shuming and PKU library through this exhibition.

Written by: Zhang Jingwen
Edited by: Hu Rong
Source: PKU News (Chinese)