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Peking University welcomes new students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

SEP . 13 2017
Peking University, Sept. 9, 2017: In September 2017, about 200 new students (51 freshmen, 115 postgraduates and 22 Ph.D. students) from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (abbreviated HMT below) began their studies at Peking University.

A little before 8 a.m., the first new student from Taiwan came to register, with which the freshmen orientation systematically began. Staff and student volunteers on duty helped new students go through registration procedures, and presented them withgift bags including guides, introductions to different associations, and campus maps. The decorated background walls and mascots also attracted many students to take pictures here.

freshman orientation

PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping and PKU President Lin Jianhua came to the orientation spot to communicate with new students from HMT. They encouraged students to adapt to the learning life at PKU as soon as possible and to become acquainted with both domestic and overseas students, hoping that the students will make greater contributions to the development of the country.

students from HMT and school leaders

In the evening, an introduction meeting for students from HMT was held at the Second Teaching Building. Teachers from HMT Office introduced related policies to the new students and provided answers for their problems. After that, students had a glimpse of the colorful culture of student organizations in PKU through the introduction of 4 student associations including Macao Culture Exchange Association, Hong Kong Culture Exchange Association, Cross-Strait Culture Exchange Association and Taiwan Studies Association. Meanwhile, various tips and advice were also offered.

In the following days, the HMT Office will continue to help these students get used to the culture of Beijing and life on the campus, organizing more activities such as “Explore Beijing” and the Mid-autumn evening party.

Written by: Wang Xi
Edited by: Fu Wenyun & Karen Xu
Source: PKU News (Chinese)