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Peking University welcomes new students

SEP . 05 2017
Peking University, Sept. 3, 2017: On the day of September 2, 2017, an infusion of new blood was injected into Yan Yuan.Peking University ushered its new comers into this campus. About 3200 undergraduates (students from Health Science Center are not included), 4300 postgraduates, 1800 doctoral candidates and over 1600 overseas students (students from Shenzhen Graduate School are included) were admitted this year. To serve the freshmen better, staff members and volunteers working all day long, waiting for new PKUers.

 scene of the freshmen orientation
a freshman checking in

Creative and warm enrollment process
Panels with photos of freshmen were set up in front of the booth of School of Economics. Chen Xiaoyao, a freshman who has just checked in, smiling in front of the panel. While his senior Wang Jiawei was taking a photo for her. Wang stuck photos to the panel, arranging a pattern of “ECON”, which is the abbreviation of School of Economics.
Every department showed its unique feature in preparing the orientation exhibition board. The board of School of Arts combined the logo of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.the tiger headwith the English name of the department, which attracted much attention. Zhou Ruofei, the designer of this board, said that the WeChat Moment like photo frame was old-fashioned, so she designed a MGM style photo frame with the feature of drama, film and literature of the department.
Students from School of Journalism and Communication drawn their inspiration from the V-sign gesture for victory and the popular heart-shaped finger gesture to display “2017” in gesture version. School of Chinese as a Second Language put the model of the plague above the west gate of PKU on the photo frame, evoking a sense of period.
Fitting the welcoming theme, Department of Chinese Language and Literature designed different kinds of memorial badges with the characteristic of the department, which was very popular among the freshmen.
Digital and information enrolment process
The biggest highlight this year is the information technology applied in the freshmen orientation. A digital screen equipped with a camera came into use on the spot. Once freshmen standing in front of the camera, the system, which uses face recognition technology, shows the information of the students on the screen, including their unfinished registration process. Also, the convenient self-service payment machine comes into use this year. Students can complete their payment via credit card, Wechat or Alipay on the machine. They can also use it to print their transcripts.
To help new comers get to the campus, both student and staff volunteers went to Beijing Railway Station to pick up them. More than that, volunteers can be seen almost everywhere on campus.
Volunteers delivering luggages
A special path named “Green Channel” is designed for students in financial need. They were provided with financial aid and student loans. PKU also prepared school supplies, reading cards, gym membership cards, etc. To better help the freshmen, this year “Green Channel” set up “Yan Yuan Hand in Hand” project, in which a senior would accompany a freshman to go through the registration process and aiding projects. On completing the registration process, freshmen and their mentors wrote some inspirational words on bookmarks, which will be displayed in Student Center later.

a student hanging her bookmark
Chair of Peking University Council Hao Ping, President Lin Jianhua and other school officials came to the check-in to communicate with the freshmen and get feedbacks. President Lin even experienced the face recognition system and praised the system for its practicability and innovation.

Hao Ping with overseas students

President Lin talking with national defence students

Photographing with their family 
Written by: Xu Yilun
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source:PKU News (in Chinese)