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PKU commemorates the 90th anniversary of the Sacrifice of Li Dazhao

MAY . 13 2017

Peking University, May 10, 2017: On April 28, 2017, a commemoration of the valor and sacrifice of Li Dazhao was held at Peking University. Besides paying homage to Li Dazhao, teachers and students in Peking University regarded this commemoration as an attempt to internalize his revolutionary spirit and powerful personality, as well as an implementation of the spirit of advancing the Double First-rate Strategy basing on national conditions while emphasizing the education of morality and the cultivation of pioneers of our time.

Wreath laying ceremony

At 9 a.m., a wreath laying ceremony, hosted by Xiao Qun, secretary of PKU Library committee, was held in front of the statue of Li Dazhao. President Lin Jianhua, Library Director Zhu Qiang, all members of the library committee and around 40 representatives of party members, teachers and students attended the ceremony.
Xiao briefly recalled the short but glorious life of Li Dazhao, especially the splendid ten years he spent at Peking University. In the 38 years of Li’s life, the hero did a remarkable job in terms of building up his character, his career and contributing to social causes. Ninety years ago, Li sacrificed for Chinese Communist Revolution; nowadays, when China has made such a great achievement in establishing a socialist state, we held this plain but solemn ceremony in reverence for the demeanors and contributions of the martyr, from whom we can learn the spirit of integrity, innovations and social responsibilities. After three minutes of silent tribute, President Lin and Library Director Zhu put up the elegiac couplet that writes "Martyr’s achievements shining with sun and moon; hero’s demeanors cherished year after year.” Other attendees then presented flowers by the pedestal of the statue.

The Statue of Li Dazhao

After the ceremony, a commemoration meeting of the 90th Anniversary of Li Dazhao’s sacrifice was held at the North Wing Hall of the library. More than 200 people  attended the meeting, including Ye Jingyi, deputy secretary of PKU committee, Jiang Langlang, director of PKU Publicity Department, as well as Student and teacher representatives from all schools and departments were also present. The meeting was hosted by Chen Yongli, secretary of PKU Youth League Committee.
At the beginning, a poetry reading of excerpts from Death of the Candle: Selected Poems of Li Dazhao was given by four students from Guanghua School of Management, School of Economics, School of Journalism & Communication and School of Archaeology and Museology. Their reading reveled the resolution and determination of PKU students to inherit and develop Li Dazhao’s revolutionary spirit and high morality.

Poem Reading

Professor Sha Jiansun gave a speech in the meeting. Sha has taught and researched the history of CPC and Chinese revolution for a long time. Based on his academic research, he gave an analysis of the important role of Peking University as a center of the early spread of Marxism and of communist movement. PKU is proud of Li Dazhao, who is a pioneer of the communist movement, a great Marxist, an outstanding proletarian revolutionist and one of the founders of CPC. Our teachers and students, especially the party members, should learn his spirits, qualities and ideas, should inherit and develop the tradition of learning and practicing Marxism settled by him. Both the career of our national rejuvenation and the glorious tradition of our university demand us to strive with our faith.

Professor Sha giving a speech

Professor Sun Xiguo from School of Marxism then summarized the spirits of Li in five aspects: social responsibility, consideration for public welfare, practical innovation, diligent work and revolutionary spirit. Li’s abundant spiritual wealth teaches us to be a determined Marxist with ideal and faith.
Zhang Hongyang, director of the center of special resources of PKU library, recalled the story between Li Dazhao and PKU Library and Li’s contribution to the library in her speech. Li turned PKU library from a simple book storage to a communication center of new ideas, new cultures and Marxism and has affected many young teachers and students who sought progress. In return, PKU library provided Li with the resources for self-improvement.
Liu Shanshan, vice president of PKU Labor Union, reflected Li’s exploration in early labor movements. In addition to this, Liu also explained the responsibility and educational function of the labor union in doing mass work and safeguarding the rights of employees under the leadership of CPC.
Pan Yisheng, secretary of Peking University First Hospital committee, bewailed Li. He reviewed the oath took by medical students and expressed the determination to learn Li’s outstanding qualities.
Chen Yongli gave a speech as the representative of PKU Youth League Committee (PKUYLC). PKUYLC was founded in Nov. 1920 with the guidance of Li Dazhao. In the 97 years since then, the members of PKUYLC inherited and developed Li’s sense of social responsibility and ideals. PKUYLC has assigned cadres to Midu in Yunnan for poverty alleviation, has spread the slogan “Let us unify and revive China” again with Chinese women’s national volleyball team. Furthermore, over 5000 people from PKUYLC devote themselves to public welfare every year. For example, Shao Zijian has been volunteer teaching in Xinjiang and Tibet and was awarded Outstanding Intellectual in the 11th Chinese Youth Volunteers Conference; Tang Qing was enrolled in Leifeng Regiment and has become the monitor of the new recruits and was awarded one of the “one hundred pioneers in strengthening the army” by the army of Northern Theater Command. Li Dazhao’s spirit has inspired our students to be hard-working, morally disciplined, rational and practical, and has encouraged them to practice socialist core values and become strivers, pioneers and dedicators who contribute to our country, our society and our people.
In the end, Ye Jinyi gave concluding remarks as the representative of PKU Council. She looked back on the contributions of Li Dazhao and set forward several expectations. Ye mentioned that, our commemoration for Li today was not only in memory of this great hero who has deeply influenced Peking University but also an attempt to internalize his revolutionary spirit and great personality. Ye hoped that teachers and students at Peking University would do better in three aspects. Firstly, inherit the communist tradition of our university. Secondly, maintain the cultural tradition of our university and enrich the spirit of patriotism, progress, democracy and science. Thirdly, always remember our responsibility and accelerate the process of establishing a world first-class university.

Written by: Chen Yifan
Edited by: Xu Penghang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)