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Video Show of English News Reading Class

JUN . 14 2017
Peking University May 18, 2017: On May 18th, Professor He Shu's English News Reading Class witnessed a bilingual video show. The show consists of works from 8 groups. It was the first time that students who signed up for the class was required to make a bilingual video in groups. Three guests were invited to be the commentators: Gao Lei from PKU News (Chinese), Zhang Jiang from PKU News (English) and Satria Sambijantoro, student of School of Government and Indonesian journalist from Jakarta Post.
Group one’s video is named Chinese Food in Foreign Students' Eyes. They interviewed several foreigners on their thoughts of Chinese dishes and asked them to list their favorite one.
A Bite of Snacks, A Dance with Night is the video from group two. In the video, students showed how to find delicious dish for night. Under saddle of assignment and other tasks, they found their joy in snacks.
Gone with the Gone: Emilie's journey on Chinese Medicine is the name for the video of group three. Emilie was a student from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She shared her experiences of her study in Chinese Medicine and life in China.
Group four shot a video called To Sit or not to Sit. They made some investigations about what students would do when the canteen was crowded and whether they would occupy a seat with their bags.
Group five also made a video about food: Whose Spicy Food is Spicier? First they showed the process of making different spicy food from Malaysia, South Korea and China. Then they invited some foreigners to taste and compare these food.
The sixth group showed their video called Probe into Take-out Service in PKU. They investigated the reasons who people order food outside. Delivery people showed their anxiety when people who ordered it didn't come downstairs quickly.
The name of group seven's video is Meet with Chinese Character. It was a story about a Thai, Hong Jianchen’s experiences in Chinese Poetry Competition and Chinese character learning.
Group eight showed their video APPs. They had performed a role play in different APPs, such as Beauty Camera, Eleme and showed their functions acting by different people.
Afterwards, three commentators gave their opinions on each video and APPs, Chinese Food in Foreign Students' Eyes and Probe into Take-out Service in PKU were voted as the top three videos by all presented.
Professor He expressed her thought about the class and spoke highly of all the works. Students said they not only learned how to make good videos but also developed friendship with classmates who worked together with them during the whole process of making the videos.

Reported by: Yang Yingxue
Edited by: Zhang Jiang