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From the School Open Day: Peking University, an international University

JUN . 12 2017
Peking University, May 20, 2017: The School Open Day of Peking University 2017 was held in north of Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium on May 20. With the variety of exhibition stands, the event caught the eyes of many parents and students. If Peking University is an international university, the Office of International Relations would be the miniature of its internationality. Overseas exchange projects, intercultural communication activities, and visiting guests from various countries… Let’s appreciate an international PKU in terms of the School Open Day.

International Environment, Cosmopolitan Chances
At the admission consultation sharing meeting, Liu Dong, an undergraduate student who has been admitted as Ph.D. student by Department of Chinese Language and Literature, said he was impressed by PKU’s international platform. During the summer exchange program at Kyoto University last year, Liu Dong had an in-depth discussion with a student studying Japanese Literature and found many similarities in the culture and literature, which were neglected by him before, of two. This matter inspired him a lot. He deemed that China cannot be separated from outside world, and neither can studies related to Chinese literature. He pointed out that PKU’s internationalization brings new opportunities and possibilities to his research.

students sharing their experiences
Actually, PKU provides its students overseas educational opportunities in a variety of ways. There are not only joint training programs such as Peking University – Waseda University International Relations Double Master’s Project, Peking University – University of California at Los Angles 3+2 Undergraduate and Master Joint Training Project, Peking University – Paris Institute of Political Studies International Relations Double Bachelor’s Project etc., but also over 150 Education Abroad Programs (EPA) including interschool exchange, summer schools, overseas internships and degree scholarship programs. Students from PKU can go into classes in many famous universities to broaden their horizons, such as Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, Melbourne University, University of Tokyo and University of Hong Kong.

Overseas students

Besides, PKU also possesses rather international teaching team and research environment. Every year, nearly one thousand foreign teachers are hired to give lessons while many famous scholars and Noble Prize winners are also invited to deliver lectures in PKU. In addition, politicians and celebrities from various countries visit PKU frequently. Since 1998, the 100th birthday of PKU, more than a hundred heads of states and governmental officers have come to PKU and given a speech, including American former president Clinton, Russian president Putin, French former president Chirac, Japanese former prime minister Yasuo Fukuda and Brazilian former president Lula. So have many social celebrities such as former secretary general of the United Nations, Annan and founder of Microsoft Group, Bill Gates. Presidents of worldwide famous universities also visit PKU annually, in purpose not only to enhance the cooperation, but also to provide chances for students to contact face-to-face with them.
Beijing Forum, established in 2004 and on the theme of “The Harmony and Common Prosperity of Civilization”, tends to base at PKU, face toward Asian and take the whole world in view. In the forum, students can discuss with academic masters directly and touch the most cutting-edge academic thoughts. Beijing Forum not only reflects the latest achievement of higher education career and fruitful results in the fields of philosophy and social sciences, but also further enhances the international influence of PKU. Communication and cooperation among scholars through the world are promoted largely via this event.
International Student Communication, Multicultural Collision
At the admission sharing meeting, Li Xingyue, American student studying in School of Arts, PKU, shared her experience in PKU. Impressed by academic environment of PKU four years ago, she decided to study film and television director in School of Arts. With her rich internship experienced, she plans to stay in Beijing and pursue her career as producer after graduation.
Indeed, foreign students like Li Xingyue are a large group in the campus. Over 5000 international students came to PKU for pursing degrees or short term study annually. Aside from regular undergraduate and graduate programs, “Yenching Academy” also sets up “China Studies” master program, recruiting excellent undergraduates all over the world. Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development sets up master and Ph.D. programs to cultivate high talents for developing countries. In addition, various preparatory and refresher programs, as well as international summer school, Chinese summer school and "China Lundao" which are conducted in English, provides the opportunities for international students to pursue their studies in PKU.

International Culture Festival

In the past four years, Li Xingyue has known friends from all over the world, and established the European and American student union in her leisure time. There are more than 20 student organizations engaging in international communication activities like this in PKU. They hold brand activities, such as Peking University – Harvard University communication camp, Peking University – Stanford University student forum, IMUSE Chinese and American student forum, Peking University – Tokyo University forum, world model United Nations conference etc. Among those activities, PKU international culture festival is the most attractive one. The culture festival, appealing international visitors to visit on and off campus, has developed to a great event annually.
Going into PKU, Going toward the World
Zhang, student from the 8th high school of Beijing, visited PKU on the School Open Day. He said the international platform of PKU is an important reason why he would like to apply for PKU in the future. Loving travelling and curious about the world, he hopes to take lessons from world’s top scholars, to participate in interschool exchange programs and international student organizations, to know foreign students and to experience exotic culture of different countries. Zhang’s mother believes as globalized development became the main stream of the world, international vision would be fairly important for teenagers nowadays. She wishes that her son could take part in more international activities in college to touch different culture and thoughts, improve his communication ability and enhance his consciousness of accepting and respecting differences.

Today, Peking University has become a more and more international university. Like all rivers go into the see, worldwide academic elites converge there. Pregnant with beauty and treasure, it fosters talents with global views. The gate to the world has been open, PKU is waiting for you. And here, in PKU, is a worldwide stage to help you realize your dream.
Written by: Zhang Jingwen
Edited by: Wang Chengsiou
Resource: PKU News