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Opening ceremony of the graduation exhibition of College of Urban and Environmental Sciences held

JUN . 09 2017
Peking University, June 8, 2017: At 10 a.m. on May 26th, the opening ceremony of a special exhibition was held at the eastern wing of The Peking University Library. “29+1: To Graduate with the Library——Graduation Exhibition of the 2017 Class of Urban Planning and the Farewell Show of the Old Library Building” was jointly staged by the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences and The Peking University Library. Mr. Zhu Qiang, director of The Peking University Library, Mr. Liu Gengnian, party secretary of the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, student representatives and a number of guests were present at the ceremony, which was hosted by Professor Lin Jian, dean of the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning.
Professor Lin Jian hosting the ceremony
As a student of the class of 1979 of Peking University, Mr. Liu Gengnian delivered a speech reminiscent of the youthful years when he and his fellow students shared one reading card of the library. He remarked that the library has always been the most sacred place on campus, invested with the memories, aspirations and spirit of every PKUer. To hold the graduation exhibition at the library was refreshing and meaningful, and more such collaborations, Mr. Liu Gengnian hoped, could be staged after the refurbishment of the new library building. He also expressed his expectations for the students of the class of 2017, that they could carry on the spirit of Peking University and make great achievements after graduation.
Mr. Liu Gengnian
Mr. Zhu Qiang, alluding to the on-going reform of the library, commented that the exhibition was an event of “parting” and “embracing”. He congratulated the students, looking forward to their further contributions to our nation, and offered a promising picture of a renovated new library building, to which all teachers and students of Peking University would be welcome. On seeing the exhibited works of the graduates, Mr. Zhu Qiang applauded and appreciated their efforts and achievements.
Mr. Zhu Qiang
Professor Lv Bin conveyed his thanks for the support of the library in the event and acclaimed the idea of combining the graduation exhibition and the ceremony of the renovation of the old library building. He also encouraged the students to carry on the spirit of this university and be worthy of the cultivation and expectations of their teachers.
Professor Lv Bin
Wei Ran, the student representative of the class of 2017 of the Faculty of Urban and Rural Planning, gave a speech in retrospect of the five years she has spent on this campus and all the love and help she has received from the school, the teachers and her fellow friends. She expressed her gratitude and best wishes.
Wei Ran delivering her speech
Mr. Liu Gengnian, Mr. Zhu Qiang, Professor. Lv Bin, Professor Lin Jian, Mr. Xiao Long together cut the ribbon for the commencement of the ceremony.
Ribbon-cutting at the ceremony
Professor Lin Jian concluded the opening ceremony, encouraging the students to practice what they have learned in this special faculty and wishing them good prospects.
This exhibition features the display of students’ works and is composed of four sections by the names of “Conflict”, “Identity”, “Transition” and “Youth”. The video “The Voice of Conflicts” gives a general introduction to many issues of modern urban development, to which the course achievements in the first part of the exhibition give a number of thoughtful and practical answers from various angles. The second part is about the class culture and individual development of the 2017 graduates. The third part is a recollection of the historical progression of the library since 1898, displaying a number of valuable items. The fourth part provides a platform for visitors to share their thoughts on the library reform.  
As a vital part of the educational activities of the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, this exhibition in collaboration with the Peking University Library provides a platform where students can demonstrate and realize their ideas, review the college life and look ahead to the future. By juxtaposing the specialized talent of urban planning and the reform of the library, the students are encouraged to think more about what they have learnt and put it into practice, to take more active part in the university affairs and to carry on the spirit of industry and fortitude.
Written by: Ma Xiao
Edited by: Li Ruiqi