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Alumni Forum of the School of Physics kicks off the Physics Cultural Festival

MAY . 11 2017

Peking University, May 8, 2017: On the morning of April 29, 2017, the opening ceremony of the Alumni Forum and the Physics Cultural Festival of the Peking University School of Physics was held at Room 202, West Building of the School of Physics. Attendees include Dong Xiaohua, deputy secretary of the school CPC, Jia Fangjian, deputy executive secretary of the school Communist Youth League, and other alumni and current students of the School of Physics.

Dong Xiaohua made the opening speech. She recalled the history of the Physics Cultural Festival and interpreted the physical culture: while the careers of School of Physics graduates vary, they adopt the world view and methodology from the perspective of physics. This is, according to Dong, the spirit of physical culture.

Dong Xiaohua at her speech

Next, Fu Qiang, an alumnus, gave a speech to share his writing experience from introducing quantum game theory and probability matrix to his first article, to combining physics and animation to make physics humorous and interesting. He no longer restrains himself in the walls of physics, but opens his mind to read the serious literature and philosophical theories outside the physical field. In the end, he summed up the three cores that need to be embodied in the work: the scientific rigor and logic, the ability of doing research using imagination and the examination of  human nature in extreme circumstances. He sees physics as a friend who gave him encouragement in the writing process.

Fu Qiang at his speech

Then, Wang Yao, another alumna, made a report entitled “Crossing the Frontier: Sci-Fi and Innovative Thinking”. She introduced her experience from a Sci-Fi enthusiast to a Sci-Fi writer. When at school, Wang Yao read a large number of popular science works, which laid a good foundation for her writing. Her sci-fi novel “The Demon-Enslaving Flask” created during SARS won the Galaxy Award for Best New Artist. Her English short story “Let's Have a Talk” was published in the “Futures” series of Nature. Inspired by this, Wang Yao decided to proceed with translation to introduce Western science fiction works to Chinese and contribute for the sci-fi communication between China and the West.

Speaking of her own writing experience, Wang believed that there are many definitions of science fiction. Writing is not only for fun but also a way to strengthen innovative thinking, help cross the borders of knowledge, overcome pragmatic obstacles and maintain the mind to keep challenging and exploring. She adapted the third of Clark’s three laws and said that "Any sufficiently wonderful Sci-Fi is indistinguishable from first love" to encourage everyone to explore the mystery and appreciate the charm of science fiction.

Written by: Lu Linlin
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
Source: School of Physics