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School of Foreign Languages Cultural Festival and Orienteering event held

MAY . 25 2017
Peking University, May. 18, 2017: On May 11th, 2017, the Peking University School of Foreign Languages cultural festival named "Thousands of Words, Company on the Road" as well as an orienteering event with the theme of "The Belt and Road" was held in the square in front of Peking University Hall. The cultural festival was held by the School of Foreign Languages, with the help of the Youth League Committee, Student Union and Graduate Union of the department.

In the afternoon, the opening ceremony started with poetry recitation. Students whose majors were Arabic, English, Hindi, Indonesian and Urdu used Chinese and the language they were studying to recite classic poetry of countries in the "the Belt and Road" zone.

Students reciting poems
Ning Qi, dean of the School of Foreign languages, delivered a speech, in which she pointed out that "The Belt and Road" was essential for cultural communication. She said that School of Foreign Languages was devoted to cultivating talents as well as studying different countries and cultures. It has set up numerous programs and held several international forums revolving around "The Belt and Road". The cultural festival this year not only provided more knowledge of countries alongside the ‘Road’ but also demonstrated the mission and value of language majors. Ning Qi expected students to participate in activities of "The Belt and Road" and to spread Chinese culture around the zone.
Ning Qi delivering a speech
From May 14th to 15th, The Belt and Road International Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Ninety-nine volunteers from Peking University served at the meeting. Liu Chen from Peking University School of Foreign Languages delivered a speech. In the speech, Liu Chen recalled th enthusiastic PKU volunteers who took part in various activities such as teaching in China’s countryside, serving at Beijing Olympic Games and APEC meetings. Liu Chen expected volunteers to take responsibility in their work and achieve excellence. Following Liu Chen’s speech, representatives of volunteer team make a vow together. Chen Yongli, Chairman of Peking University Youth League Committee then presented a flag to the volunteers.

Volunteers making a vow

Chen Yongli presenting the flag
Officers, teachers and students then launched the logo for the cultural festival. The logo contains a ship, which resembles two hands held together, symbolizing cultural and ethnic communication, "mutual emotion alongside Silk Road". The sail symbolizes hope and life, as well as books or wings. Marginal lines make up letters of SFL, the initials of School of Foreign Languages.

Culture festival logo
Afterwards was the start of The Belt and Road Orienteering event. The event consisted of two routes, “the Marine Silk Road” and “the Silk Road Economic Belt”. Fifteen orienteering checkpoints displayed cultural contents of different countries, leading teachers and students to learn more about “the Belt and Road”.
The orienteering race

The booth

Participants answering puzzles

Volunteers taking pictures
Volunteers giving instructions
The cultural festival was made up of five aspects, including academic seminars, cultural experience, an art salon, sports festival and volunteer activities. Lectures, photography competitions, poetry recitation in different languages and countries cultural visit aimed at drawing people's attention to “the Belt and Road”, engaging their sense of national identity.
Written by: Yang Yingxue
Edited by: Wang YuqingGan Zhonghao