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Opening Ceremony of “Cai Yuanpei and PKU” Theme Exhibition

MAY . 05 2017

Peking University, Apr 30, 2017: At the coming of the 119th anniversary of the founding of PKU, one serial activities of PKU 120th anniversary: the theme exhibition of “Cai Yuanpei and PKU”, which is intended to commemorate the centennial of inauguration of Cai Yuanpei as PKU former president, was opened at Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology on April 26, 2017.
The exhibition was co-organized by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Cai Yuanpei Reasearch Association and Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology. School leaders, scholars and distinguished guests attended the opening ceremony.

Scene of ceremony

PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping delivered a speech. Hao pointed out that Mr. Cai Yuapei is an outstanding ideologist and educationalist in PKU History and Modern Chinese History. He put forward the principle of “Free thinking and all-embracing”, embarked on drastic reforms on education, and stimulated the development of PKU and Chinese higher education. This exhibition provides more ideological enlightenment and life inspiration for PKUers. Cai’s educational reforms not only contributed to the success of PKU at that time, but also offered insight and inspiration for the school today. Hao hoped that at the coming of PKU 120th anniversary, all PKUers would hold on to their initial dreams, keep following Mr. Cai’s steps and moving forward. 

Hao Giving a Speech

Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deng Xiaonan said that the whole life of Cai Yuanpei is not only connected closely with PKU History, but linked tightly to the national education and cultural reconstruction in contemporary Chinese history. 100 years ago, it is Mr. Cai’s who recruited talents from every field, which gave birth to the inspiring righteousness of PKU today. 2017 is the key year for PKU’s construction of worldwide first-class university and also the centennial of inauguration of Cai Yuanpei as PKU president; to review the history of PKU and achievement of ancestor at this special time would purify PKUers’ inner world and encourage us to hold the firm belief of moving ahead.

Deng Delivering a Speech

Dean of School of Archaeology and Museology, Hang Kan and Director of PKU Cai Yuanpei Association and Professor of Graduate School of Education, Cai Leike also delivered wonderful speeches. Later, Deputy Chief of Shanghai Jing’an District Culture Bureau, Zhang Zhong and Director of Shanghai Cai Yuanpei Former Residence Museum, Yang Jiguang presented books tothe School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Yuanpei College.

Book Donation Ceremony

PKU Chorus sang three songs in memory of President Cai Yuanpei particularly and then then guests visited the exhibition.
It is reported that the School of Humanities and Social Sciences intends to set up a series of Former Presidents exhibitions with a hope to pay tribute to the outstanding figures in PKU history. The “Yan Fu and PKU” theme exhibition will be held on the third of May and another theme exhibition on “Fu Sinian and PKU”.is also under plan. The “Cai Yuanpei and PKU” exhibition continues till May 19. 
Written by: Wu Fangxu
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (in Chinese)