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“Octo Voice Harmony” — A special concert celebrating the 8th birthday of Acappella PKU held

MAY . 22 2017
Peking University, May 18th, 2017: On May 14th 2017, a special concert was staged for the celebration of the 8th birthday of PKU Acappella Club in Peking University Hall. Ten acappella bands presented a grand regalement of musical pleasance. The concert was sponsored by Gaosi Education, Tencent Video and Bon Cake Co., Ltd.
Acappella music is an ancient variety of chorus performance that features the absence of any accompaniment of musical instruments, and is thus considered to be the most natural form of musical art. The spiritual essence of acappella is about harmony, humanity, care and hearkening, which are conveyed through the concordant interlacing of disparate voices, so that the unique texture and beauty of human voice can be appreciated.

Acappella PKU was officially registered on February 28th in 2009, and has been dedicated to providing a stage for students who share the passion for singing and promoting the a cappella culture. There are now six acappella bands in this club: Paca, SEAbling, Wake-Up, Vocal Booth, Sunday, iScream, who are most fervent participants in concerts, parties, the famous Top Ten Singing Contest in PKU, and even in musical festivals outside the school, always keen on exhibiting the singular charm of a cappella.
At the concert
Perfect, performed by “SEAbling”, kicked off the concert. The liveliness and briskness of the song soon warmed up the hall. What ensued was the band “Acature”’s adapted song blending two widely celebrated Chinese love songs: You Are the Apple of My Eye and Little Luck, which brought the audience back to the joy and grief of youthful years.
The band “iScream” appeared with “screaming” masks on, which was a display of their unique band culture. The song Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, which started with the playful sounds of trumpet, was a jocular piece of music typical of 20th century traditional pop music, reviving the charm of theatres that once thrived in the vast west of America.  

The band Toupailian from Tsinghua University brought about a crescendo of excitement. I Need Your Love was a vibrant song that, passionately performed, aroused the whole hall. The blend of Danny Boy and You Raise Me Up was, on the other hand, affectionate and infectious, and was indeed fine evidence of the purity and harmony human voices could achieve. 
Following “Toupailian” were “Wake-up” and “Kettle”, two unique bands that were named for their special stylistic features. They too have entertained the audience with refreshing and exceptional performances.
“Paca”, the most senior band of Acappella PKU, presented a challenging piece, the French song La Belle Dame Sans Regrets. The gloomy tune incarnated a sensible yet cruel woman; the tenuous accompaniment and the amorous female voice coalesced into an engrossing specimen of the combination of jazz and rock.  
“Neighbros”, a band made up of talented singers both from Peking University and Tsinghua University, performed two songs rich in Chinese cultural elements: Spring Breeze and Then I met you, the latter of which incited rows of applause and cheers.
In coincidence, May 14th was also Mother’s Day. “Vocal Booth” performed Lotus Lantern Suite on this special occasion, expressing their love for the great mothers, and also for the alma mater, who had only recently attained the age of 119.
Vocal Booth
At this concert, Mr. Zhang Xiaochuan, a senior member of  Acappella PKU, was invited to present the qualifications of Inspector General to his successors Wu Yitong and Chen Zixi. Such qualifications are granted every year in the club, which signify acknowledgement and acclaim for outstanding members. Mr. Zhang Xiaochuan stated that he was most delighted to see that the club had been thriving, as were most graduated seniors present at the concert, and that he wished the torch of musical passion could be passed on in Peking University. 
Mr. Zhang presenting the qualification certificates
The audience also enjoyed the raffle draw, in which they had the opportunity of winning prizes like Kindle and iPad mini. The concert finally concluded with See You Again performed by the band “Sunday Vastness”.

Sunday Vastness
Written by: Ma Xiao
Edited by: Li Ruiqi