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The 1st China Merchant Securities Future Leaders Scholarship Awards Ceremony held at Beida

APR . 28 2017
Peking University, April 12, 2017: On April 6, the 2016-2017 annual China Merchant Securities(CMS) Future Leaders Scholarship Awards ceremony was held at the Friends of Beida Lecture Hall. Wang Yan, CEO and President of CMS, who is also an alumnus of Peking University, along with Yin Min, general manager of the Executive Office, Wang Xiaojun,professor at the Institute of Computer Science & Technology, PKU Executive Vice President Wu Zhipan, Dean of the Graduate School Liu Liming attended the awards ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Zhao Wenli, deputy secretary of the PKU Education Foundation.

Professor Wu Zhipan

First of all, Professor Wu Zhipan expressed his thanks to alumnus Wang Yan and CMS, which set up the CMS Future Leaders Foundation in 2015 with a purpose ofsupportingand motivating graduates at Peking Universityto work towards being future leaders. Professor Wu appreciated the presence of the senior management of CMS at the final oral defense. He hoped the award recipients could strive for academic excellence and cherish the PKU’s tradition of pioneer spirit and social responsibility.

Wang Yan

Wang Yan pointed out that we are now in a new era of pursuing the Chinese Dream that calls for the efforts of young leaders, and that the foundation was established to encourage and motivate more potential leaders for it. He emphasized that in terms of public benefits, it is a meaningful exploration for CMS, which seeks corporation with Peking University in nurturing more talents He recognized the excellence of the award recipients whom he hopes would make every endeavor towards being future leaders.

Wan Yan, Yin Min and Wu Zhipanwith award recipients

Written by:
Li Xiaotong
Edited by: Wang Yuqing / GanZhonghao