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Library holds “Gartner View Point” meeting

APR . 26 2017
Peking University, April 12, 2017: On April 6, 2017, PKU "Gartner View Point" meeting was held in the library. Discussions were held and a research report was presented on challenges and opportunities in the face of the information era. Discussions also focused on how to improve the planning, management and academics of Peking University through the use of advanced technologies. PKU Executive Vice President Wu Zhipan and Vice President Wang Jie attended the meeting. Directors from Security Department, Office of Informatization, Computer Center and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, along with other professors, also took part in the discussion.
Gartner, a company founded in 1979, has hired more than a thousand analysts worldwide to conduct research on information technology. It also provides reports, evaluation and predictions for various institutions. The famous Hype Cycle model is one of this company’s achievements.
Wu Zhipan expressed the school’s consistent support for the library. Based on society in the information era, Wang Jie illustrated the significance of “Cultural Inheritance and Innovation” for PKU. He hoped that all departments, from administrative to operational ones, could preserve an open mind towards new ideas. Finally, he wished guests present could actively contribute to the school’s informatization, following the “world-class informatization strategy”.
Then, Gartner introduced its position in the world as well as the service and support it planned to offer PKU. As a famous consulting company in the field of informatization, Gartner has confidence to help Peking University improve work effectiveness in various aspects by encouraging innovation and development. Later, the firm introduced some kinds of innovative products for education. They also illustrated the importance of “Double models” core theory to the informatization of education institutions. Gartner advocated a balance between reform and construction, tradition and innovation. Gartner also showed people the use of ITScore. This assessment standard may assist education institutions in testing and managing their own information maturity.
In the open discussion, Cai Hui, vice president of the PKU Office of Scientific Research, appealed to departments to promote cooperation. Director of the Computer Center Zhang Pei hoped to learn from world’s prominent schools via Gartner and expected to take further measures after the evaluating ITScore in the domestic environment. Zhang Jiuzhen, a professor at the Department of Information Management, talked about talent cultivation of PKU, informatization, and the development of community research. Chen Ling, vice president of the China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS) management center talked about the prospect of CALIS and the way to build the ecosystem of academic achievements at PKU and other members of CALIS. In the discussion, participants reached a mutual agreement on enhancing communication and interaction.
Group photo
The meeting marked the start of the Gartner program of Peking University. The library plans to promote Gartner on campus, including holding lectures and exclusive interviews, which will help the school’s departments to familiarize themselves with Gartner. Then relative departments should receive support and resources by posting research reports and communicating with the staff of Gartner. The library has plans to hold the second Gartner sharing session in June, in which the vice president of the Gartner education sector will give a speech on new trends and strategies of higher education informatization management.
Written by: Yang Yingxue
Edited by: Wang YuqingGan Zhonghao