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PKU Logistic System: Providing Support in Every Aspects of Life

APR . 25 2017

Peking University: April 22, 2017: Logistics plays a fundamental role in a university. A reliable logistic department ensures the quality of everyday life in campus, thus supporting the education of the university. The logistic department of Peking University is answerable for various aspects of life in the campus—from the supply of water, power and heating system, to food service, dormitories, classrooms, and transportation. For years, the logistic department has made great efforts to provide the best service and strongest support to Peking University.

Providing help in every aspects of life

One night recently, a student in Shaoyuan Dorm No. 3 was seriously sick. The dorm advisor immediately sent the student to hospital and accompanied her during the whole process of examination. Thanks to the quick response of the dorm advisor, the student was transferred to the emergency center and received timely treatment.

Numerous incidents like this happen everyday in the dormitories, and the dorm advisors are always there for the students. The students, on the other hand, are thankful in their own way—they would bring fruit to their dorm advisors in summer or write cards for them in every festival.

A girl brings watermelon to her dorm advisor

Besides dorm advisors, there are hundreds of other responsible and support staff working in PKU. Cleaners in the teaching building would work late at night in order to keep the cleanness of the classrooms. The “3319” repair service hot-line of Power Center is open 24 hours every day, providing continuous help for the students. Barbers in Yanyuan Community Service Center are praised by the students and teachers for their warm service.

Encouraging students’ participation

Logistic department also encourage students to participate in the management and supervision of the logistic work, which not only improves the logistic service, but provides the students with abundant chances of social practice.

The activity room and hall of Students department in Wanliu campus were designed and redecorated by the students themselves. The student representatives changed the original meeting room into a theme activity room, in which all the wall painting and writing exhibition were designed and done by the students themselves. Led by students from the College of Architecture, the hall was designed as a cozy space for discussion and entertainment.

Dorm hall designed by the students

Since 2006, Center of Dining Service has cooperated with the Student Union and established student supervisor system of the canteen. The canteen supervisors are all composed of students selected by the Student Union. They would listen to the students’ comments and suggestions and communicate with the canteen, thus protecting the rights of the students and improving the service of the canteen. Regular meetings and visits to the food processing are important parts of the supervision.

Students supervisors visiting the food processing of Center of Dinning Service

When designing the underground business area in Building No. 29, Office of Real Estate Management collected opinions and advices from students and teachers, and constructed the area according to excellent inspirations from the students. The shops in the area were selected through open bid and evaluated by a team composed of student representatives and professional teachers. The shops selected, including Family Mart and Guoan Community, are popular among the students after opening.

Cultivating versatile students in practice by vary activities

"Yanyuan Role Changes” activity, organized by Peking University Youth Volunteer Association, is intended to strengthen interpersonal communication and connection amid school. Participants should change their roles into corresponding students or support staff and do as the position required.

"Yanyuan Role Changes” activity: providing porridge

Foreign Exchange Center has successfully held more than 500 international conferences, receiving 0.2 million guests from more than 50 countries and regions. Voluntary student assistants are needed during these events, and therefore it is crucial to improve students’ ability in all round way ranging from international situation and diplomatic etiquette to multi-national languages and organization ability.

Part of the APAIE volunteers and staffs

"PKU Bird's Nest" (Student Self-Management Committee of PKU apartment service center) conducted a series of microwave oven DIY activities such as “Bake a piece of sweet potato to warm your heart”, "DIY a pizza for him/her” and “Let’s make mug cake together.” Students could experience hands-on fun, at the same time, understand the norms of safe operation and eliminate the possible security risks during these activities as well as in the future.

Microwave Oven DIY activities—"DIY a pizza for him/her"

Cultural cultivation: know more about traditional and advanced culture

Peking UniversityHall(PKU Hall)devoted itself to being “for the great benefits of the school and for faculty and students”, has developed into awell-known cultural artistic center and a vital window for showing PKU’s external image. PKU Hall introduces hundreds of art programs and films per year, for example concert for the freshmen, which has became a PKU brand. In addition to serve the campus, it also organizes some large-scale influential activities from and for the society.

PKU’s freshmen concert

The Center of Dining Serviceand the Student Unit recently carried out an activity to vote for annual “The top ten dishes and top ten waiters of the canteen”, and regarded it as an opportunity to promote overall service.

Top ten dishes

"Since each place has its own way of supporting its own inhabitants, we should invest effort in creating a comfortable environment for the students.”

Office of Logistics Service has conducted a series of campus reconstruction including dormitory hall, corridor cultural facilities renovation, the Back lake reconstructionand soon, in order to provide better hardware conditions for the students. These projects improve accommodation and provide student with a more convenient life.

Students’ resting place

During the tree-planting event, the Central Party together with all party members and members of the Communist Youth League, plant trees and beautified campus with flowering shrubs.

The Back lake reconstruction

During the flood season in 2016, in order to ensure the safety of the faculty and the ongoing construction, the Power Center and the Office of Construction strengthened the existing construction with great efforts to keep the normal order of the campus.

Staff of Power center rescuing during flood season

PKU support staff are committed to keep learning, practicing, working hard and improving so as to better fulfill their roles in the service, management and cultivation of teachers and students.

Written by: Fu Wenyun, Wu Mingying
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)