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School of International Studies visits China Peacekeeping Police Training Center

APR . 21 2017
Peking University, April 20th, 2017: On April 14th, 2017, 73 teachers and studentsfrom School of International Studies, Peking University, and PKU International Model United Nations (PKUIMUN) conference paid a visit to China Peacekeeping Police Training Center. This was a warm-up activity for the 16th Students’ Cultural Festival in School of International Studies, and was also the first interaction ever between a university in China and China Peacekeeping Police Training Center.

On the morning of the 14th, the visit was initiated by a talk between Professor Wang Yizhou, deputy dean of School of International Studies, and the leaders of Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy and China Peacekeeping Police Training Center, during which consensus was reached in terms of academic collaboration and further communication. Afterwards, Professor Wang Yizhou delivered a lecture on“China’s Diplomatic Situation and the International Climate”, which was well received.

Leader of the Center delivering his speech
In the afternoon, teachers and students from School of International Studies and representatives of the PKUIMUN conference relished a wide range of activities. A meeting with the leaders and professors of the training center, for a start, was held, at which the leading official introduced the basic conditions of the academy and the center, the curriculum of the training and the duties of peacekeeping police, and applauded the outstanding contributions of Chinese peacekeeping police in UNpeacekeeping operations. Further communication was conducted on interesting topics such as the motivation, Chinese participation and female involvement of the peacekeeping enterprise. Professor Wang Yizhou concluded the meeting with a cordial expression of his veneration for the officers and his wish that more students could contribute to this honorable undertaking.

Professor Wang Yizhou concluding the meeting
The teachers and students of PKU then went to the Peacekeeping Park, where they had the opportunity to observe at a close distance the training of peacekeeping policemen in action, and were most impressed with the valiance and spiritedness ofour young soldiers, whose vigor and strength demonstrated their heroic resolution in safeguarding peace. Out in the fields, great courage and gallantry were evinced incharging and fighting, and were applauded in every triumphant return. In the hall, a true mastery was witnessed, for not one bullet ever missed the mark in ferocious shooting.

Teachers and students at the training field
Training in action
The last stop was at the Peacekeeping Exhibition Room, in which a glorious history of the development of the Chinese peacekeeping enterprise unfolded as the students and teachers walked past numerous pictures of Chinese peacekeeping implementation and tokens of peace and friendship, deeply touched by the hardship and greatness recapitulated by these items.

In the exhibition room
The visit was concluded by a group picture of all the teachers, students and representatives of PKU and the leaders of the training center, to mark this special occasion.
Written by: Ma Xiao
Edited by: Li Ruiqi