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School Officials visit the New Sun Student Center and the Zhongguanyuan Global Village

APR . 18 2017

Peking University, April 16 2017: On 12th of March 2017, Hao Ping, chairman of Peking University Council, and Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, successively paid a visit to the New Sun Student Center and the Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Various school officials also took part in the event.

School leaders at the New Sun Student Center

Recently, the hall on the first floor of the New Sun Student Center was renovated to become a place for self-study for students. During their visit this time, Hao Ping and Lin Jianhua got the chance to ask for feedbacks on the studying environment from the students in the self-study hall. Meanwhile, the director of Real Estate Management, Yin Xuesong, reported about the upgraded environment of the New Sun Student Center and the service improvement to school officials. And, Vice Dean of the Graduate School, Wang Tianbing, the Vice Provost, Liu Jianbo, and Director of the Provost Office, Wang Xiaoyue, also reported on the construction process of the academic building and the operation of self service systems in their meeting.

After visiting the New Sun Student Center, they approached their next destination, the Zhongguanyuan Global Village to survey and investigate the living environment of overseas students who study at Peking University. They went to visit certain specific locations such as the library and the self-study room for the overseas students and faculty members’ self-service restaurant. After the field trip, the school leaders gave out their opinions, which include that the school campus space planning and design should be done with reference to the experiences and methods of different academic areas in order to provide the teachers and students a better learning and communicating environment. Apart from that, the number of school canteens should be increased, to resolve the students’ dining congestion problem.

During the investigation, Lin Jianhua also pointed out that, with the first class campus study environment, the tastes and pursuance of students will be advanced. They will have more freedom to carry out various activities and social communications. This will enhance their socializing skills and develop their team working spirits. Besides that, Hao Ping also expressed his gratitude to the contribution of school departments for promoting the construction of the campus environment.In his speech, he emphasized that the infrastructure construction of the school campus was an important part of creating the image of China’s world class universities. We should grab this opportunity, with the launch of the “Quality of the Campus” program, as a result to provide the faculty and students some premium services.

Since 2006, several improvements and constructions have been done on the school campus, such as the public spaces of the basement and third floor of the No.2 teaching building were transformed to a cooperative learning center and communicating center, the middle sector of student dormitory buildings No. 47-48 set up some outdoor leisure facilities, the Yan Nan canteen’s tables and seats were increased and the underground stores in the No.29 building were opened for tender to improve service quality. In the next  stage, the school will continue to enhance and improve the campus environment and the cultural atmosphere, helping students and faculty members to have better learning experiences and make Peking University the spiritual home for all of us.

Written by: Tan Yen
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (in Chinese)