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PKU Youth Studies Center holds a meeting on Network Education of the Youth

APR . 18 2017
Peking University, April 13, 2017: On April 7, 2017, Peking University Youth Studies Center held its second monthly meeting of this semester, in which all teachers and student cadres of the center participated. On the meeting, participants summarized recent works of the center and discussed the project of PKU youth network education in support of the preparation for the120th anniversary of Peking University.
The meeting first announced the appointment ofa new student cadres team for the Peking University New Youth Network Culture Studio which plays an important role in promoting network education. In the past two years, the studio has made great efforts on the development of campus network culture by various online and offline means. From this semester on, the studio started to organize different kinds of activities as fitting tributes to PKU 120th Anniversary.
The goal of the center’s network cultivating project is to educate new youth in the network era. Originated from excellent traditional culture, this concept is also closely related to the contemporary youth network culture. Thus, the participants discussed the growing popularity of traditional culture centering on the recent flourish of cultural variety shows and their advantages as well as disadvantages. Many teachers and students expressed their views on a variety of topics including spread of traditional culture on campus, the uniqueliving condition of the Post-95 Generation, and manifold manifestations of youth popular culture such as live broadcasting.
Jiang Guangxue, director of the center, made a conclusion of the meeting. He pointed out that the education of the new youth in network era is rooted in the tradition of our culture andthe spirit of PKU, echoes with the need of innovative talents in times of globalization and in the networking era, and contributes to the cause of ideological and political education in universities.
Network has profound impact on youth in terms of their capability and way of thinking. Besides, youth empowerment along with the growth of internet guarantees the subjectivity of the youth. In order to support PKU network culture construction and network ideological and political education, PKU Youth Studies Center has turned its goal into a diverse array of activities, such as the “5+2 Marathon”, the coming “Reading Marathon” and “Youth Network Video Support Plan”, which are intended to guide, educate and connect with the youth.
Finally, Jiang asserted that only when we attach enough significance to the multi-sided development of the youth in the network rea, can we tap their potentials and cultivate new youth with superior qualities, which would be a best gift for the 120th anniversary of Peking University.
Written by: Fu Wenyun
Edited by: Wang Qian