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Peking University First Hospital improves medical services

APR . 14 2017
Peking University, March 28, 2017: On the morning of March 28, a press conference was held at Peking University First Hospital according to the goal of improving medical services set by the government. This conference aimed to enhance public understanding of the ongoing comprehensive medical reform.
At the conference, Doctor Pan Yisheng, chairman of Peking University First Hospital Council and vice director of the hospital, accepted interviews and introduced the measures being taken to improve medical services. He noted that Peking University First Hospital would actively cooperate with the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, adhere to the patient-centered principle, and seek better development during the coming reform.
Doctor Wang Ping, assistant to the Director, introduced the measures in detail, which were about maintaining high quality service and keeping to their principles. In the past, the hospital went to great lengths to minimize patient waiting times, simplify treatment procedures and overcome facility restrictions. Concerned with the needs of patients in remote regions, the hospital has cooperated with brother hospitals and other units to provide service in terms of appointments, referrals, and telemedicine. Meanwhile, improvements in special services, follow-up observation and careful pharmaceutical administration have greatly extended the range of medical services, thus promoting the integration of various medical procedures.
Peking University First Hospital will continue to follow the guideline of “steadfastly improving service and putting ideas into practice”, and continue with its medical service reform.
Written by: Zhou Yijing
Edited by:Wang Yuqing