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PKU Educational Administration Interprets the New policy on Double Majors and Minors

APR . 12 2017
Peking University March 31, 2017: On March 30, an official WeChat account by the name of beijingdaxuejiaowubu was registered by PKU Office of Educational Administration, providing PKU students and faculty with information about the new policy on double and minor majors.

The official account

Peking University has tried to push through its education reform over the years. It aims to combine liberal education and specialized education together and has carried out some new policies step by step. Correspondingly, the account beijingdaxuejiaowubu was launched to inform students and faculty of the reform movements. On the first post, it interprets the new policy on double major and minor.

According to the Peking University General Reform Act, the new policy applies to the undergraduates who enrolled in fall 2016 and afterwards. To encourage the achievement of a higher academic level, the scores of double or minor major courses will be counted in one’s overall score. In addition, the scores of double major or minor will be taken into consideration when it comes to a student’s scholarship application and recommendation. To encourage more students to do a minor, completing a minor major is now free of charge and requires no application beforehand. Students can apply for graduation after they complete 30-credit courses. As for a double major, the requirement is roughly the same as it was before. The tuition is contingent on credits, and a double degree requires the completion of 45 credits.
Written by: Li Xiaotong
Edited by: Wang Yuqing
Source: PKU News (Chinese)