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Premiere of “Zhao Yiman” and Experience Sharing Session held in PKU

APR . 11 2017
Peking University, April 7, 2017: On March 24, Zhao Yiman, a large-scale drama delicately created by Sichuan People’s Art Theatre, was performed in Audience Hall of Peking University Hall. Ye Jingyi, vice chairman of Peking University Council, teachers, students, and PKU Alumni watched the performance. 
The dramaZhao Yiman was producedby Sichuan People’s Art Theatre afterthreeyearsof effort. It marked the 80th anniversary of the heroic death of Zhao Yiman, a heroine during The Second Sino-Japanese War, and showed the patriotism of the heroic figures in history. Using several life and fighting scenes of Zhao Yiman, the drama reproduced the process how she grew from a lively little girl into an intellectual, a party member, a proletarian revolution fighter and a national heroine during the war.
The drama was mainly created by national first-class scriptwriter Dong Ni and national first-class director Ji Pei, starred by national first-class actor Dong Fan, who had won Golden Lion Award. With the vividly reproducing-technology, were the audience immersed in several scenes. Mr. Zhong Chengxiang, president of China Literature and Art Critics Association, highly recommended this drama. The director creatively put two figures of Zhao Yiman, in different periods of the revolution, on stage at the same time.  One was tortured and recalling the past, while the other one was her out-of-body soul.  Even when her flesh was suffering from great pain, her soul of faith and perseverance still existed outside the body.

Stage photos

On the afternoon of March 25th, the workshop “Experience sharing Session from Chief Members of Zhao Yiman” was held in PKU Classroom Building No.2. The workshop was organized by Cui Hao, president of Peking University Drama Club. Director of the drama, Ji Pei, starrings from Sichuan People’s Art Theatre and all actors from Yibin City attended the workshop.
Zhao Hua, investigator from Yibin City, first told the stories of Zhao Yiman to the participants, and then introduced the procedure of producing drama, specified in the dramas related to this topic, to help students learn more about Zhao Yiman and gain deeper understanding on drama-producing procedure. Dong Fan, Zhou Shijia, Tang Zhong and Huang Wei, starrings of “Zhao Yiman”, talked about their experiences during rehearsals, performances as well as the process of shaping the character. They provided some professional knowledge as an actor and their experiences of integrating knowledge with the character. The workshop enhanced the communication between actors and students who love drama, at the same time, better expressed the patriotic connotation in “Zhao Yiman” to the students. 
Written by: Pan Xuru
Edited by: Wang Chengsiou
Source: PKU News (Chinese)