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PKU "San Ren Xing" calligraphy exhibition held in Waseda University

APR . 10 2017
Peking University, April 4, 2017:"San Ren Xing", a well-known saying of the Analects carrying a literal meaning of three people walking alongside each other, was applied to name a calligraphy enthusiast group in PKU which aimed to spread Chinese traditional culture and the spirit of Peking University by carrying out cultural exchanges, especially in the field of calligraphic art.
On March 29, with the support of Peking University International Promotion Office of Chinese Language and Waseda University Confucius Institute, “San Ren Xing” held a special Chinese calligraphy exhibition in Waseda University. "San Ren Xing" representatives Professor Chen Hongjie and Professor Niu Gengyun, Li Duo, Chinese Dean of Waseda University Confucius Institute, and Yan Fei, officer of Peking University International Promotion Office of Chinese Language, attended the opening ceremony.

exhibited handwritings
The special exhibition displayed more than thirty Chinese calligraphy works of “San Ren Xing”. The subjects of exhibition covered three aspects: the spirit of Peking University, the spirit of Waseda University, and the Chinese culture.
To highlight the spirit of Peking University, the calligraphy works of Prof. Zhang Guoyou, member of "San Ren Xing", presenting the famous quotations from Cai Yuanpei (“Focusing on research”) and Luxun (“Peking University is always the pioneer of reformations”) were staged, showing the academic and vibrant sides of Peking University. In regard to Chinese culture, Prof. Chen’s and Prof. Niu's calligraphy works with quotation from renowned Chinese scholars Zhang Zai and Huang Kan--“To establish lasting peace for all future generations” and “Be generous as the sea, and concerned for thousands years of history” manifested the major Confucian values.
Also, Prof. Zhang put the name of the school song of Waseda University“Looking up the permanent light of ideal” on the paper. These exquisite works not only promoted the Chinese culture, but also built a bridge of communication between Chinese calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy.

photography of “San Ren Xing” and offices
This special exhibition was one of the high-level cultural exchange programs called “Bringing in Culture”, which was rolled out by the International Promotion Office of Chinese Language in 2017. “San Ren Xing” exhibition can be described as a couplet--“Displaying calligraphy in the town of sakura, Talking Confucianism in the yard of institution”. Unique contents and forms of the exhibited calligraphy works won extensive acclaim and appreciation of the whole university. Last year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Confucius Institute in Free University Berlin, “San Ren Xing” held a successful exhibition called “Spirit of Peking University on Xuan paper” in Berlin. This year, under the guidance of their aim, “San Ren Xing” will keep on going.
Written by: Xu Yilun;
Edited by: Li Ruiqi;
Source: PKU News(Chinese)