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The first lecture of PKU "IO Course" held

APR . 06 2017
Peking University, April 3, 2017: On March 26, 2017, the first lecture of “IO Course”-- PKU vocational course on international organizations, was given in Room 212 of the Student Center. This lecture provided guidance to students intended to join the internship program of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). PKU Council Vice Chairman Ye Jingyi, the chairman of Beijing Representative Office of UNESCO, Marielza Oliveria, and other guests attended the meeting. The lecture was hosted by Zhang Lixin, director of PKU Student Career Center.
The audience present
First of all, Professor Ye Jingyi delivered a speech to the audience. She welcomed the guests present and praised the irreplaceable contribution of international organizations to world peace and development. She said that Peking University, sharing ideas with international organizations on development, also played an important role in promoting human civilization. In fact, Peking University Student Career Center has set up information websites and guiding courses on international organization careers. In the near future, the Center would provide students with relevant books, and give more guiding lectures including "IO Career", "IO Talk", and "IO Course" so as to increase PKU students’ capability in global governance.
Ye Jingyi is delivering a speech
Later, Zong Huawei, an official from the National Commission of The People's Republic of China for UNESCO, introduced UNESCO to the audience. According to her, as the most advanced “thought laboratory” in the world, UNESCO had profound effects on the international standards in educational, scientific, cultural and political fields. For students who were intended to join UNESCO and other international organizations, she passed on sound advice on "four combinations": combining allegiance to family and country with an international vision; combining international comparison with Chinese characteristics; combining confidence with openness; combining language capacity with professional skills.
Zong Huawei is introducing UNESCO
MarielzaOliveria further elaborated on the internship program of UNESCO in terms of application, interview, and reward. She said that UNESCO had an intimate relationship with Peking University, because PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping was the former president of the General Assembly of UNESCO. Therefore, she hoped excellent PKU students would follow Professor Hao’s step and join UNESCO in the future. As she said, all students would benefit from its broad-mindedness, international platform, and advanced work content.
Marielza Oliveria is elaborating on the internship program
Ren Yan, PKU alumna and member of the first group of this intern program, shared her experiences and pointed out how to stand out in the careful selection. She said that it was challengeable but fruitful to work as an intern in the international organization. It was not enough to have noble spirit; professional knowledge and language ability counted more in the work.
At the end of the lecture, Ye Jingyi awarded Marielza Oliveria and Zong Huawei “PKU career development mentor of International organizations” certificate. The Q&A part of the lecture lasted about one hour, and the questions raised by the audience were meticulously responded.
Marielza Oliveria and Zong Huawe are awarded certificates
This UNESCO intern/work program is subsidized by the CSC (China scholarship council), and plans to select 32 people this time. The application of the program has already opened. To help students who want to apply, know more and prepare better, the first “IOCourse” lecture was timely conducted. The lecture invited specialists to give specific guidance, and received favorable comments from the student audience. In future, more lectures and multiple activities concerning visits, exchange, and intern in international organizations will be held. It is expected that those activities will help students to get comprehensive information analysis, experiences sharing, and carrier suggestion.
The “IO Career” activities (career development guidance on international organizations) are held by Student Career Center of Peking University, helping the graduates to prepare their internship and work in international organizations. The “IO Career” lecture is divided into “IO Talk” and “IO Course”. “IO Course” is more like a class, including inviting specialists to give mentoring lectures and program directions. The “IO Course” will hold “IO theory and practice”, “IO job application direction" and “IO visiting program” theme lectures for PKU students in the future.
Written by: Xie Changli and Zhou Yingying
Edited by: Li Ruiqi