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Girls’ Day Celebration

MAR . 31 2017
Peking University, Mar. 30, 2017: Girls’ day on Mar. 7, the day before Women’s day, has always been an important traditional festival for students in Peking University.

Few days before Girls’ day, a variety of posters and banners on campus had preheated the joyful atmosphere. On Mar.7, the screens below girls’ dormitory further displayed contents related to Girls’ day in pink.

The screen displays in girls' dormitory
Graduate Student Union of 12 colleges, including College of Engineering, jointly launched the “Wish-Card-Activity”, where female students could write their wishes in cards, at the same time, members in these Student Unions would distribute them to male students, who, then, will  attempt to achieve the wishes written in the card. This activity provides opportunities for communication and contact between male and female students from different colleges.

Card made by students from College of Engineering, School of Journalism & Communication, and Law School

Aside from this, several lectures related to beauty and fitness, which girls concerned a lot, were hold in PKU. The lecture "Gender Impacts from Policy and Law" held by Student Union of School of Journalism & Communication and 6 other colleges enriches people’s knowledge of laws and policies related to women. Moreover, Student Union of School of Physics distributed roses to girls to meet their ’heart of a maiden’. Student Union of Peking University also got discounts for girls from restaurants nearby. To sum up, Girl’s day in PKU not only serves as a festival for happiness, but also provides academic knowledge related to the festival.
Poster of Makeup lecture
Written by: Lu Linlin