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Voluntary blood donation carried out on campus

MAR . 29 2017
Peking University, March 26, 2017: On March 23, over ten people stood in line for blood donation in front of the blood collection vehicle near the Nongyuan Dining Hall on campus. Those blood donators consistedof teachers from The Affiliated High School of Peking University passing-by students, and students from the faraway Daxing campus of Peking University. 

Blood donation site
According to the working staff, even though the temperature plummeted down that day, there were still over 40 people voluntarily coming here to donate blood during 8 to 10 am, nearly on a par with previous blood donation activities.

A student donating blood
A junior student from Yuanpei College said it was her first time to donate blood, and she donated about 400cc. She felt welland attributed her good health to daily workout. What made her more than happy was that she knew about her blood type through the pre-donation test.

Students waiting in line for blood donation
About 10 am in the morning, Zhu Boya from the Labor Union has just finished his donation and got off the blood collection vehicle. Keen on doing workout and keeping fit in daily life, Zhu Boya had already donated blood for six times. It was his seventh voluntary blood donation.
A freshman from Clinical Medicine Department was one of the volunteers. She said that though she had not donated blood before, she recognized the profound significance of such donation, and hoped to become one of the donators if possible.
Written by: Zhou Yingying
Edited by: Li Ruiqi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)