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PKU Student Associations Recruitment Festival held

MAR . 22 2017
Peking University, Mar. 13, 2017: On March 10, 2017, the three-day spring recruitment festival of PKU student associations kicked off. Impressive slogans and wonderful displays at the Triangle appealed to teachers and students passing by.

The site of recruitment

Each semester, the recruitment festival acts as an important platform for student associations to present themselves. This year, over 140 student associations participated in the recruitment festival. These included long-established associations such as the May Fourth Movement Literature Association, steeped in its 60-year history, as well as new associations such as
the Research Association for Collaborative Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. In recent years, student activities have flourished, covering all aspects of campus life. Organizations aiming for national strategies and school development, such as the Silk Road and Inner Asia Association, and the Campus Construction Association, have also emerged, providing more space for students to showcase their talent and contribute to the school and nation.

Mountaineering Association of Peking University

Association of Fashion Culture Communication

Campus Construction Association

Unlike in previous years, this year, associations have adopted online registration through QR codes, along with an online certification system. Online enrolment not only makes registration more convenient, but is also an example of creativity by the student associations.

Online registration through QR code scanning

PKU Youth League Committee made great efforts to ensure the recruitment festival was successful. From drawing up security plans to initiating the online registration system, from arranging booths to recruiting volunteers, they undoubtedly played an essential role. In addition, they also distributed leaflets encouraging environmentally friendly practices.
Ye Jingyi, Vice Chairman of Peking University Council, arrived at the site on March 10 and chatted with students in charge of recruitment for their associations. Besides her approval of the online system, she also pointed out that student organizations are an important force to enrich campus culture, and it is well worth the effort to make sure that activities are carried out smoothly. 

Ye Jingyi chatting with a student in charge of the Magic Lovers Association
Written by: Zhou Yijing
Edited by: Wang Yuqing / Gan Zhonghao